The Race Is On!

It’s early in the race for 1st selectman.

But the first returns are in. The initial financial disclosure statements, that is.

Democrat Jonathan Steinberg — whose campaign committee is called “Jonathan for Westport” — has raised $100 since January 1.

Republican challenger Mike Rea (“Michael Rea for Westport”) more than tripled that figure. He pulled in $375.

Incumbent Jim Marpe and his new running mate Jennifer Tooker (“Marpe-Tooker for Westport”) are waaaaay in the lead. Since January 1, they’ve hauled in $13,930.

There’s still time to contribute. Election Day is November 7.


3 responses to “The Race Is On!

  1. Nancy Hunter

    Careful, at this rate campaign finance reform may be demanded.

  2. What’s the over/under on the placement of those oh so useful political yard signs that do so much to influence a voter’s decision?

  3. why is money so so important and the big issue? How about issues?