Yes, This Is An Actual Parking Job At Trader Joe’s. No, It’s Not A Late April Fool’s Joke.

Here’s another view. Yes, he left his door open the entire time.

When alert — and astonished — “06880” reader David Meth asked the driver if he couldn’t find a parking spot, the response was: “F— you!”

You can’t make this s— up.

54 responses to “Yes, This Is An Actual Parking Job At Trader Joe’s. No, It’s Not A Late April Fool’s Joke.

  1. Wow! That is awful. I was hoping that it was a good Samaritan who saw a runaway shopping cart and jumped out of his or her car to stop it from ramming someone else’s car. But, sadly, that was not the case.

  2. Richard Seclow

    House Intel Committee believers this is a NY car. Surprise?

  3. Adam Schwartz

    Isn’t that a NY license plate?

  4. Cant law enforcement run the the plate and ticket the driver via mail? If I can get an ez pass ticket going 65 on 95 in Jersey something this simple has to be available to our finest. HCN 2922 NY Plate. Seems easy…..may also stop some other crazy parkers/drivers if they know that they can get tickets from people posting their automotive escapades.

  5. Susan Schmidt

    Stop. Just stop.

  6. Heidi Kurlander-Kail

    I think you need to have an annual award for worst parking job. Just trying to come up with an idea for the prize.

  7. Morley Boyd

    An anti-social SUV driver with a yellow plate. You hit the trifecta, David. Nice work!

  8. First of all, of course you could make this up.

    But there is nothing surprising about it.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      “Fake Parking … Fake Parking!!! Find The Oil Leaks … Look For The Leaks!!!”

      (ugh … 😉)

  9. Jeff Seaver

    Aw, c’mon… there has to come a point where the Westport Police can just issue a summons. My kingdom for a reverse license plate directory online.

  10. Beth Berkowitz

    Regarding Heidi’s idea which I think is fabulous could we create s prize that was a hot wheels size bumper car or a plaque with the photo of the best/most outrageously entitled parking job on it that says: Of course I park like this, I’m the most entitled to everything! Or just caption it ENTITLED
    That has to be the biggest win yet. And yes we should have this license plate run down to be given a ticket or let it go viral with the plate showing for public embarrassment?!? At the very least.

  11. Nancy Hunter

    Michael Moore should really do a documentary about this illness… It could prove to be the root of America’s problems today… or, the effect?

  12. Peter Hirst

    Plus ca change. I remember my parents making comments about New York drivers 60 years ago.

  13. Jack Whittle

    looks like NY tag # HCN 2922. Perhaps we can crowd source the $3 and use Evan Stein’s link to learn this person’s name, the better to be able to personally award him/her with the Worst Park Job of the Year / Decade / Ever

  14. Dick Lowenstein

    Bad question, worse answer. Who would purposefully leave their door open and, therefore, car unlocked, and walk away?

  15. Jamie Walsh

    Maybe he had a bad case of the runs? Just can’t make this stuff up.

  16. Marsha Temlock

    Not surprised

  17. Richard Fogel

    we could have thrown our dog poo there????

  18. Sharon Paulsen

    So, I guess we can rule out “medical emergency” then? Tee Hee.

  19. Notice the New York plate! I would have bet on New Jersey. They are by far the rudest drivers.

  20. Notice the license plate!!

  21. Ted Friedman

    Perhaps this should apply to abandoned cars.

  22. Matt Murray

    More than likely, he’s a deplorable.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Being a deplorable is a gateway drug!!! Ban Deplorables!!!

      (major snark here, just in case a few Trumpies get all feathered-up in a tizzy).

  23. Lauren Burg

    I can top that. Last week I was having lunch at Boca, and the car outside underneath the window we were seated at was parked, locked, and left running with the windshield wipers on. For over an hour!

  24. Shirlee Gordon

    Westport drivers are horrible, but this car appears to be from New York.
    Please go home!!!

  25. Morley Boyd

    A week after being paroled, Chester explored his new town in the stolen Yukon.

    For some reason, he suddenly thought about of that Seinfeld episode in which George realizes his every instinct has been the wrong one – and so he sets out to do the opposite of what he would normally do. Instantly George gets a hot girlfriend – after telling her he’s unemployed and lives with his parents. And it goes on from there.

    As he wheeled the massive SUV into Trader Joe’s parking lot, Chester resolved at that very moment to follow George’s lead.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      But then, when Chester walked into the cafe, the server abruptly announced, “no soup for you!”.

      Lesson learned? … follow the soup rules.

      • Morley Boyd

        I nearly forgot: Chester came from New York. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        • Sharon Paulsen

          Tee Hee!!!

        • Nancy Hunter

          …and he’s an architect. Maybe Chester should re-think his life.

          • I’m not sure how much thinking – or rethinking- was going on today. But I heard he was actually a marine biologist. Remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.

    • Nancy Hunter

      You mean “stolen Alaska”?

  26. Damn….he did it….America is Great Again!

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Oh, bwhahahahaha!

      (And to think, I was wondering all this time what a “great-again” country looks like. Whodda thought?)

  27. Sharon Paulsen

    “Politics, Entitlement, Bad Parking and How The Ruskies Can Help” … that might have a better ring to it! Wadda ya think?

    Kindof a “Kitchen Soup for the Soul” novelette?

    (or … um … maybe not. I’m too tired to pull it off, lol. Plus, Kickstarter might go off-line any day now … so, there’s that).

    • Sharon Paulsen

      oops … meant this as a reply directly to Nancy H. upthread (somewhere around 9:15 pm, haha), so this reads out of context a tad.

    • Nancy Hunter

      Sorry, I’m not really qualified. Ask Sean Spicer.

  28. Lynne Constantine

    Half the people who live there have NY plates. It’s those finance entitled people

    Lynne Constantine


  29. Becky Ruthven

    i agree with Lynne—exactly what i was going to say.

  30. Dianne Trivers

    Blame the Russians!

  31. So these questions occurred to me-

    When did he buy or steal the SUV??
    And then park it like that for all to see

    And does it really matter where this entitled jerk comes from?
    His lawyer would call it staged or fake news – as seen by some?

    In fact this guy needs to get a ticket or to get towed
    So he would learn a lesson in manners he hadn’t already know’d

    And I would add this dope
    Should have his mouth washed out with soap

    But at least- that picture serves to rile up the crowd
    ‘Cause – Bad parking is always in vogue
    On the 06880 blog run by Dan Woog