Ryan Milligan’s New York Times Success, Puzzlingly

Two years ago, Ryan Milligan had his 1st crossword puzzle published in the New York Times.

Today he’s got his 2nd.

Not bad for a 27-year-old.

Ryan Milligan

Long before he graduated from Staples High School in 2008, Ryan was solving Times crosswords with his dad.

In 11th grade he began creating his own. He’d print 150 copies, and leave them in the lobby. By lunchtime, they’d be gone.

His first puzzles, he admits, were “truly terrible.”

Today’s is a typical Tuesday one. It’s clever, but not unsolvable. Clues and answers range from pop culture and sports to Edgar Allen Poe and commercial names.

Ryan says that this puzzle required “significantly less editing” than his debut.

I won’t give away the theme. But if you want a “clue,” check the headline of this story.

(To read what the New York Times crossword community is saying about Ryan Milligan’s puzzle, click here.)

Today’s puzzle


2 responses to “Ryan Milligan’s New York Times Success, Puzzlingly

  1. Lee De Monico

    Just finished the morning crossword and noticed the author. Did a quick Google on Ryan Milligan to see if it was the Ryan I know – and there – right at the top of the results page was a link to this post.
    Good for you Ryan! I’ll be looking for more of your creations.
    Pls say Hi to your family for all the De Monicos

  2. Chris Garrity

    Congratulations, Ryan! I remember your daily puzzles in the SHS Library, and your goal to publish one in the New York Times. I was unaware of your 1st published, but so happy to see this one. I will try my best to solve it.
    Mrs. (Chris) Garrity
    Sonoma, CA