Spring Arrives Tomorrow, At 6:28 a.m.

Hey, I’m sure it will be spring somewhere.

5 responses to “Spring Arrives Tomorrow, At 6:28 a.m.

  1. SOON!

  2. just the tip of the iceberg and the icing on the cake,and yes, I am treading on thin ice

  3. Spring isn’t all about the weather or the temperature
    It’s about the promise that winter is passing and warmer days are closer. That the freak snow falls are short lived
    Don’t get sucked into the constant drone from the multiple news and weather stations constantly telling us of the terrible storm ahead. Spring brings hope for better warmer and lighter time ahead.
    Hope is what we all need more of…,,
    Welcome spring !

  4. Nancy Powers Conklin

    We never got spring this year in Arizona! Went right into summer, which is fine with me:)

  5. Yes and it’s Persian New Year – Norooz too. Make sure to eat something sweet to have a good new year and ask a random question while walking and listen to the answer from conversations around you. It’s a sweet way to start the year.


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