It’s Never Too Early To Plan Ahead

Registration is now open for Longshore Sailing School!

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo copyright/Stefen Turner)

6 responses to “It’s Never Too Early To Plan Ahead

  1. Dan, bless you.

  2. Jonathan Maddock

    Geesh, it didn’t look like THAT when I took sailing lessons in the later half of the 1960’s! Very nice!!

    The first year I took lessons on a Sprite (small jibbed boat with a centerboard).

    Second Summer, Aquacats. If you could sail an Aquacat, you could sail anything (or so said the instructor). It was a jungle gym with a loose-footed mainsail and no jib. Most of the time you had to do a K-turn to tack.

  3. All due credit to Steve Turner, a remarkably talented aerial photographer. He just swooped in one afternoon on a helicopter and took some fabulous photos. He had some air time left after a professional real estate shoot. Since 1960, nearly 2000 LSS “staff alums” have gone on to some impressive careers in a wide variety of fields. Hundreds keep in regular touch and remain friends for life. Steve, a sailing instructor from the 60’s cabana days, is among them. Thanks again Steve. Drop in anytime.

  4. Helicopters make far better wind generators than drones. Now if we only had an answer to low tide…