Liz Hannah Goes Hollywood

Add Liz Hannah to the long list of Staples High School graduates with a major movie connection.

Liz Hannah

The 2003 graduate — who served as an assistant director for Staples Players — wrote a screenplay about the Pentagon Papers. Remember those? In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg leaked the information that the Johnson administration had bombed Cambodia and Laos, among other actions not reported in the mainstream media.

As America’s press tries to keep the current president honest, that’s a timely topic.

Steven Spielberg will direct “The Post,” Hannah’s movie about the Washington Post‘s challenge to the federal government over the paper’s right to expose the Papers.

Here’s one reason we already know “The Post” will be a smash hit. The co-stars have just been announced: Post editor Ben Bradlee will be played by Tom Hanks.

And publisher Katherine Graham?

Meryl Streep.

(Hat tips: Mark Potts and Kerry Long)

11 responses to “Liz Hannah Goes Hollywood

  1. Bobbie Herman

    I never fail to be amazed at the talent coming out of Westport!

  2. Elina Lublinsky

    In am quite literally blown away. So impressed!

  3. Tom Hanks is great, but Jason Robards played Ben Bradlee (my former boss) in “All The President’s Men” at least as well as Bradlee did in real life. Tough act to follow. But an amazing achievement for Liz Hannah!

  4. Bob Selverstone

    Is Liz Hannah the daughter of Bruce Hannah — longtime star at Pratt Institute?



  6. Nancy Hunter

    Sounds Pelican Brief-ish, minus Julia Roberts.

  7. Richard Fogel

    i wish I was able to go to Staples.

  8. Fred Cantor

    Holy cow! Liz has certainly hit the trifecta in terms of the major talent signed on for the film. I wonder how many films have ever featured an actor and actress with multiple Oscars, and an Oscar-winning director–not to mention, that they are three of the most iconic names in Hollywood.

    I just read that she sold this as a spec script, which is also impressive in this day and age. Kudos to Liz.

    PS–Hey, David R: how about that documentary short on the Staples Players and its illustrious history & alumni/ae? I still think it’s a great project for the Staples Media Lab.

  9. Oh my gosh! I am always blown away by the talent cultivated in our little town!