The Oscars: One More Encore

The Westport connections to “La La Land” just keep on coming.

Erik Feig

Erik Feig

In his Academy Award acceptance speech last night for Best Original Score, Justin Hurwitz — who wrote the music that Staples High School graduate Justin Paul helped pen the lyrics for — thanked Erik Feig.

He’s the president of Lionsgate’s motion picture group — and a “La La Land” production executive.

He’s also a Staples High School Class of 1988 graduate.

And … before we finish our Oscar stories (which are taking only slightly longer to post than the ceremony itself), here’s one more.

In a backstage interview last night — held while the awards were still being presented, which is why everyone spoke so quietly — Paul praised Staples Players director David Roth, and Coleytown Middle School director Ben Frimmer by name. That followed his prime-time shoutout to the arts education he received in his home town.

Click here for that video. (And scroll down — it’s the 2nd one).

14 responses to “The Oscars: One More Encore

  1. How many more Westport Oscar connections are there!!? Congrats again to all those involved. We’re celebrating with a FREE GIVEAWAY on Facebook today – Check it out theatre buffs –

  2. Test question: What is Lionsgate Films named after?

  3. Thank you for the shout out.
    Unfortunately you posted the wrong picture on your original posting. It is Erik Feig.
    My thanks for including him
    Livia Feig (proud Mother)

    • Fixed it. My apologies!

      • Your error thankfully wasn’t as bad as the photo mixup last night during the tribute to those who died in the past year. Among the pictures displayed was one of a very much alive producer.

      • My friends are still sending me the article with the incorrect picture of Erik.
        What time did you correct it? See how these things happen. Honestly, it was a nice surprise when I started receiving emails about you posting this. Just to show you that there are so many Westport residents that follow you. Great job as always.

        • Livia, I fixed it the moment you let me know. Anyone who subscribes to “06880” via the “send me stories the moment they’re published” option got the wrong photo. Nothing I could do about it. From here to eternity though, it’s good! Thanks again!

  4. AND this just in: Micaela Erlanger — a 2003 Staples High School classmate of Justin Paul’s — provided Meryl Streep’s dress last evening (as well as the outfit for Asher Paul, Justin’s wife). She’s a well-known stylist. I’ve written about her before — this is not her first Oscar event.

    Here’s her website:

  5. Staples Players Rule!!! So Proud of All is us kids who grew up with choices!!! Like Soccer Practice or Play Rehearsal…..Right Dan Woog!!!!

  6. Love all these stories of Staples graduates, Dan. So cool! Congrats to all.