Saugatuck Night Lights

Lynn U. Miller had dinner last night at Parker Mansion.

If you or I were there, we would have eaten, chatted, maybe glanced out the window of the former Mansion Clam House.

Not Lynn. The wonderfully talented photographer — who knows Westport better than just about anyone — snapped this shot:

(Photo copyright Lynn U. Miller)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo copyright Lynn U. Miller)

She calls it “Saugatuck Night Life.”

I call it beautiful.

8 responses to “Saugatuck Night Lights

  1. Werner Liepolt

    It is beautiful, it is great to see how Saugatuck has evolved.

    How it would look if ConnDOT has its way with us is hinted at here:

    I personally would like to see a serious preservation effort mounted by the town and our local and state preservation associations to protect our quality of life and preserve our residential neighborhoods.

    I’d also like to see Saugatuck ban chain stores preserving it for local businesses.

  2. Bonnie Bradley

    Agree with Werner. Somewhere, sometime someone has to say “STOP!”
    Recently read that Gov. Malloy wants to enlarge I95 to four lanes each way, all the length of it. Wonder what that means re the Saugatuck River bridge? Will it become a colossus? Saugatuck has always been such a special place, unique in character and history. Many years ago one woman, Jo Brosious, led the fight to prevent an atomic power plant from being built on Cockenoe Island. Few believed it but It can be done.

  3. I call this beautiful, as well! When you look out the window at the lights, what appears to be a “misty” evening, makes you feel cosy to be inside the space where the photo was taken.
    Great work, Lynn!

  4. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    Just what you said, Dan. She’s amazing, funny, multi-talented and a Westport treasure, not to mention a classmate. How lucky for us!

    • Thank you so much, Bunny. I have to say, the food is really good!

    • Dear Margaret, I think I’m the lucky one…to have such special and enduring hometown friendships. Thank you so much, Margaret. xoxo

  5. Never tire of seeing your beautiful work, Lynn!

  6. Very creative in low light.