Read This Story. Buy This House.

“06880” has written often — and admiringly — of a handsome old Cross Highway home.

Built in 1728 by Samuel Meeker, it was already half a century old when the British marched past, on their way to Danbury. They took Meeker’s 2 sons prisoners — but not without a fight. A musket ball lodged in the door offered vivid evidence that this house had history.

Today, it’s known as the Schilthuis-Meeker house. (More history: Sally Schilthuis was influential in preventing construction of Merritt Parkway Exit 43 in the area, resulting in the current “No Man’s Land” between Exits 42 and 44).

The saltbox incorporates 3 vernaculars of American architectural history. It almost met the wrecking ball, but owners Mark Yurkiw and Wendy Van Wie spent several years (and a ton of money) restoring it, and ensuring its legal preservation in perpetuity.

The front view of 180 Cross Highway. (Photo/Amy Dolego)

The front view of 188 Cross Highway. (Photo/Amy Dolego)

Next Wednesday, the house will be listed for sale. But Mark and Wendy are offering a unique opportunity to “06880” readers:

You can buy it before it hits the market.

No, I’m not pimping real estate on the side. But I love this house. I’d buy it myself if I had a few hundred thousand dollars floating around.

And because the owners want to find someone as special as the place they’ve worked hard to protect and preserve — someone who appreciates the home’s connection to Westport, US and architectural history — I’m happy to help.

The rear view. (Photo/Amy Dolego)

The rear view.

The listing price is $1,499,000. But if you contact Mark and Wendy before Tuesday afternoon (February 28), they’re willing to work with you. “We can be creative in how it’s sold to the best buyer,” they add.

Timing is everything. If you’re interested, email before next Wednesday.

Just tell ’em your real estate advisor — “06880” — sent you.

The sitting and dining room.

The sitting and dining room.

The living room.

The living room.

10 responses to “Read This Story. Buy This House.

  1. It’s a wonderful house, and the grounds are beautiful. I would buy it if I could.

  2. A fabulous Westport house with a fully documented link to Revolutionary War history. Thank you Wendy and Mark for your heroic efforts to conserve this treasure.

    Full disclosure: On the night of April 25, 1777, Daniel Meeker, my great grandfather x 6, was arrested and removed (along with his brother, Benjamin) from this house by British troops. Both men, who were Patriots, somehow managed to survive their guest stay in New York’s notorious Sugar House Prison.

    • Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

      I love this piece of information. I wonder if your great grandparents X 6 knew mine. We had family in “Fairfield” in the 1600’s and as minute men in the Revolutionary War.

    • Full Disclosure: Daniel Meeker (and Benjamin for that matter) were my 4th cousin 7x removed 🙂

  3. Wendy and Mark – thanks for caring.

  4. Morley, great piece of history and family lore. Thanks.
    PS. You should buy it.

  5. Michael O. Logusz

    One may read about the history of the house, family and area and the British Danbury Raid of 1777 in Michael O. Logusz, “With Musket & Tomahawk. The West Point-Hudson Valley Campaign In the Wilderness War of 1777.” (Carell Publishers, 2016). Cited in main text and footnotes.

  6. For those of you who would be interested in learning more about the Danbury Raid, the Westport Historical Society will be offering an exhibit starting April 2

  7. Just wanted to thank everyone and add …
    FYI- the House is appox. 4,000 sq.ft. & sits on a 1.21 acres.
    This property is a National Treasure you can live in right here in Westport.
    There is still time today to add your name to an exclusion list before we get on the MLS, but I must know today. Thank you all.