Double L’s Secret Llibrarian

For over 3 decades, Westporters have known — and loved — the Double L Farm Stand. Lloyd Allen’s Post Road spot is the place for locally grown fruit and veggies, grass-fed beef, banter and community.

For more than 5 years, it’s also been a library.

Every 2 or 3 weeks, someone leaves a book just underneath the front window. Most are by best-selling authors, and/or from the New York Times bestseller list.

Some of the books left underneath the farm stand's front window.

Some of the books left underneath the farm stand’s front window.

Lloyd has no idea who his secret donor is. Nor does he know why he or she does it.

But he’s built a very nice lending library. His customers love it.

And — just like Lloyd’s produce — it’s growing very nicely.

Part of Lloyd Allen's lending library.

Part of Lloyd Allen’s lending library.

6 responses to “Double L’s Secret Llibrarian

  1. Well we know the secret librarian isn’t Joann….

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  2. Double L? Lending Library??

  3. Dan, Does anyone know why there are helicopters buzzing over Weston/Easton? Deirdre Doran Weston.

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    • Possibility for Firefighter Phil Reeves funeral. Westport, Wilton and Bridgeport firefighter passed away at age 57.

  4. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    What a wonderful gift to the community. A double dose…. good food and good reads…..

  5. Another BONUS for visiting Double LL. Good food, good company, and good reads!