Only 39 Days Until Spring…

…but this blue jay can’t wait.

(Photo/Irene Penny)

(Photo/Irene Penny)

Today’s snowstorm was just as predicted: quick and heavy. Already, it seems to be winding down.

But it left plenty of cancellations in its wake.

Among them: tonight’s discussion on alternatives to coyote trapping and killing. It’s been rescheduled for Monday (February 13), 7 p.m. at Town Hall.

10 responses to “Only 39 Days Until Spring…

  1. Do coyotes attack the Grammy’s?

  2. Beautiful photograph Irene..

  3. Irene Penny, you have outdone the art of photography.
    Thank you for sharing your talent.

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Ah, so beautiful!!

  5. Irene, what a stunningly beautiful picture!

  6. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Your composition is fantastic. I am related to a couple of fantastic photographers so I “get” the leaning out a window part. Do be exceedingly careful… please….. We all want to enjoy more of your work.