Free Detail At Westport Wash & Wax!

Well, at least for one person.

Alert “06880” reader Jaime Bairaktaris spotted this sign at our town’s favorite (okay, only) car wash:


Intrigued, he asked the cashier for the back story.

Apparently, Tesla vehicles cannot be put into neutral and pulled through the car wash tunnel — unless someone sits in the front seat.

Because every Westport Wash & Wax customer must get out of the car, this causes quite an inconvenience. As soon as you step out of a Tesla, it stops moving.

So a free detailing awaits any geek who can figure out how to let Teslas remain in neutral, even without anyone in the front.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

21 responses to “Free Detail At Westport Wash & Wax!

  1. Tesla owners could go to a different car wash, like Fred’s in Norwalk where the driver remains in the car.

  2. It’s a safety feature. But I do wonder how you could Tow a Tesla if it won’t roll unoccupied? I suppose someone would have to sit in it while it gets pulled onto the flatbed? In the meantime, I guess the car washes could change the rules? Are they hiding something in there? 😉

  3. Get a dummy to put in the front seat. Call it “Edison”.

  4. There is “tow” mode, but will be difficult to train all the attendants to engage it and then disengage it at the end of the track.

    Much better solution – keep a heavy bag with a couple of bowling balls at the car wash entrance. Simply place on driver seat! Lol

  5. Place bag(s) of groceries, etc. of sufficient weight in front seat, and belt it in.

  6. You bought a Tesla. Hire a kid to handwash your car in the heated garage. (Couldn’t resist.)

  7. Takes 2 seconds and is disengaged by reshifting back into Park.

    1. Shift into Park.
    2. Press the brake pedal.
    3. Touch Controls > Settings > Service &
    Reset > Tow Mode.

  8. First world problems!

  9. Celia Campbell-Mohn

    Tessla has a “tow mode” in the settings screen that allows it to go in automatic car washes. I already emailed Westport Wash and Wax.

  10. “Gentlemen, start your engines!”? Women own Tesla’s too….

  11. You are going to have to use weight because allowing a staff person to mess with the setting WILL BE a liability and Scott should know this.

  12. Stephen Rappaport

    Yes-Maybe. Stand outside the area where the car would come out and then have the car in the normal entrance to the washing area and press summon on the key fob. It might work unless it is too far away but it should I believe.

  13. Andrew Colabella

    You need X amount of weight on the drivers seat. Security safety features sensor weight on the seat. It would have to be a substantial amount of Weight

  14. Peter, if it’s a Tesla, there already a dummy in the car.