F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald spent just a few months in Westport — way back in 1920.

But it made a lasting impact on their lives.

Now Netflix and Amazon Prime viewers can relive that crazy time through a new series called “Z: The Beginning of Everything.”

Christina Ricci plays Zelda, “the brilliant, beautiful Southern Belle who became the original flapper and icon of the wild, flamboyant Jazz Age.”

In episode 9, “Scott and Zelda work through rising marital tensions at their Westport house.”

Sounds interesting.

Even if it was filmed on Long Island.

Zelda today...

Zelda today…

F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, in front of what appears to be their Westport home.

and yesterday, with F. Scott Fitzgerald in front of their Westport home.

(Hat tips: Erica Peale and Jeff Mitchell)

21 responses to “Zelda!

  1. Dan: Do you know where they lived: house looks like one I knew well on Mayflower Parkway

  2. Should have said “Near” Mayflower. Actually on Compo Road.


    House is located on South Compo on right side when going toward the beach You’ve gone too far if you pass Longshore

  4. Bobbie Herman

    I’ve never understood why Westport makes such a fuss about them. They spent three drunken months here, and if I’m not mistaken, crashed their car into a storefront. Hardly something to commemorate.

    • Wait until you see our documentary “Boats Against The Current” , about their time in Westport. Had the biggest impact on both of their Collective Works than any other place they lived!!

    • That’s white privilege for you!

  5. Pam Barkentin

    If I remember correctly, the photo of Zelda and Scott in front of their rented house on S. Compo is actually one that was created out of two photos for an event in Westport a few years ago. I think it was for a showcase house.

  6. Dorothy Abrams

    But Bobbie, they were CELEBRTIES! Let’s remember our priorities. or not

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Hmm, it doesn’t seem to be on Netflix – maybe it’s Amazon only? (Bummer for me as I only have Netflix right now)

  8. i used to go to birthday parties there in the late 40s… Betsey Hitzrot was
    the birthday girl. we all went to Miss Paul’s school.

  9. Dan, do you know where on LI it was filmed?

  10. I am with Bobbie, at this point I loathe to hear about the Fitzgerald’s time in Westport. For the amount of time they spent here, it would seem a footnote worthy mention, some trivia. I think we should spend more time exploring and celebrating people who grew up here, lived here, and helped shape this town. If we must go agog over a famous person, we could at least do the Newmans. They were truly part of our community.

    • Jacques, I don’t think celebrating the Fitzgeralds’ time here takes away from celebrating the Newmans’. It’s not a zero-sum game.

      Also, the documentary on Zelda deems their time here worthy of a segment. And from what I’ve read, their several months here (spring and summer, not just summer) influenced F. Scott greatly in his writing of “Great Gatsby.” The New Yorker did a long story on it a couple of decades ago.

  11. Audrey Doniger

    I grew up in Great Neck,on Long Island….the very expensive area in the town was Kings Point and supposedly the Fitzgeralds lived there in a beautiful mansion .The house was known as the Great Gatsby home …I don’t know iif any of this is true but it sure looked like the description in the story and I chose to believe it and I still do some 80 + years later

  12. Dan is right. The New Yorker Sept. 9, 1996. I saved it all of these years because the article by Barbara Probst Solomon was so interesting.