Handsome Visitor

Tricia Freeman spotted this bald eagle yesterday, enjoying a pre-Super Bowl meal at Nash’s Pond.


Fun fact: America’s national bird is not actually “bald.” The name comes from an older meaning of the word: “white-headed.”

9 responses to “Handsome Visitor

  1. Great picture of a beautiful animal.

  2. Fun fact: Eagles are known to take all types of small animals, from dogs to deer fawn.

  3. WOW!

  4. Susan Hopkins

    Wow !

  5. Very cool. I wonder if this eagle is the one who lives on Chimons Island?

  6. Thank you Tricia! What a wonderful, uplifting photograph at a time when our nation shure in hell needs uplifting.

  7. Tricia, what a wonderful photo!

  8. Trish Lawrence

    Now that’s cool!

  9. That’s amazing!!! What a wonderful image to capture. Did you know that juvenile “bald” eagles have brown feathers on their heads?