Ted Thompson’s Land Of Steady Habits

Two years ago, Ted Thompson’s 1st novel was published.

“The Land of Steady Habits” follows Anders Hill. In his early 60s and seemingly comfortable in Fairfield County, he suddenly abandons his career and family for a new condo and a new life.

It doesn’t happen the way he expects, of course. But neither did Thompson’s own life.

Ted Thompson

Ted Thompson

He entered Staples High School in 1997 as a lacrosse player and skier, and left it as a writer. Writing and directing his own play there was “a hugely transformative experience,” he says.

He studied playwriting at NYU, then earned a graduate degree in creative writing from the University of Iowa.

Thompson says that growing up in Westport — with “tremendous opportunity, plenty of encouragement, terrific schools” — helped form who he is today.

And much of Westport — the house he grew up in, cookouts at Compo Beach, the way the Post Road looks in winter — found its way into “The Land of Steady Habits.”

land-of-steady-habits-ted-thompsonThe novel earned him comparisons to Updike and Cheever. Now it’s being made into a Netflix movie.

Ben Mendelsohn (“Rogue One”) plays the lead. Edie Falco (“Sopranos”) and Thomas Mann also star, while Nicole Holofcener (“Enough Said”) directs.

No word yet on when filming begins. Eventually though, it will stream right here where it all began.

In the Land of Steady Habits.

(Hat tip: Kerry Long)


5 responses to “Ted Thompson’s Land Of Steady Habits

  1. Your story gave me the idea to add a chapter about Westport in my book on Nigerian customs that build community and a sense of belonging. Thank you!

  2. And it all started with Ted’s “Restaurant Sketches” presented in the Black Box theater at Staples–the cast made up of his friends. Lucky me, for I have a signed copy of the original script. But luckier me, Ted was in one of my classes and doubtless, I learned from him.

  3. Werner Liepolt

    Congratulations Ted. Keep writing. Keep your integrity. You show us ours better selves.

  4. Congratulations Ted. Always knew your work would give me a thoughtful read. “Restaurant Sketches” was spectacular. Intend to read your novel. Think I still have an old journal you wrote that you never picked up. I should check through my story. Bet it is worthy of a second read. Best to you.

  5. Hey Dan- how are you doing? I wanted to write back immediately after seeing this post but it was a little premature. But I can say now that my company is doing the visual effects for this film. We just opened up our New York office and this will be one of our first projects through that office. I’m a big fan of the director Nicole Holofcener, so this, along with the Westport connection is turning out to be a special one. Between you and I, I don’t think they are planning to shoot any of it in Westport except for maybe a shot of Main St. Pretty sure it’s because they need to shoot as much as possible in New York to qualify for the tax rebates. Oh well.

    Hope you’re doing well!