Jos. A. Bank Closure

The Jos. A. Bank men’s store in Colonial Green is closed. And completely empty.


A sign in the window directs customers to the store in Fairfield, or the website.

This is not the first time an apparel store has closed on this site. Before George Subkoff Antiques, the spot was occupied for many years by Paul Zabin, a children’s clothier.

(Hat tip: Molly Alger)

9 responses to “Jos. A. Bank Closure

  1. Wasn’t Franklin Simon there?

  2. No. Franklin Simon was where Patriot Bank is now — the other end of Compo Acres Shopping Center from Trader Joe’s.

  3. I think the reason for the closure is that someone bought the one Jos. A Bank store for full price, and got 6 more stores free!

  4. Seriously, another sign that shops catering to the middle class are fleeing Westport in droves…especially those within 1 mile of Main St and US-1.

  5. We shopped Paul Zabin, Westport!

  6. Michael Calise

    When REIT’s such as Equity1 purchase local shopping centers such as compo acres where JAB recently relocated from, their sole goal is to “upgrade” these centers requiring higher rents forcing mid-range retailers out and allowing for the next turnover in a never ending chase for profits without regard for the existing local dynamics. Although JAB might not be considered a “local” shop they were in Westport for a pretty long time and they should be commended for their gallant effort to survive in a new space. Obviously it didn’t work out. A glance at the former Kowalsky center another equity 1 purchase shows the numerous empty spaces of former Westport businesses. Fortunately some such as have been able to successfully continue by relocating to a locally owned property.

    • Great analysis; thank you Michael. But there’s something irrational about the way chain stores operate, with their cycles of over-expansion and contraction.

      Up until last year, there were SEVEN Jos A Bank stores on the stretch of US1 between Greenwich and Milford. Sorry, budget-conscious men just don’t shop often enough to justify that!

      And it’s not just cheap suits. At one point there were TWO Sleepy’s mattress stores on opposite sides of Rt 7 by the Norwalk Wilton line. And, according to Jeff Klein, who runs an HONEST mattress shop in the same neighborhood, this was deliberate strategyto build market share, despite the obvious impossibility of profit.

  7. My mother and I were the first customers at Paul Zabin. Guess that dates me !!!