Photo Challenge #108

Hey, “06880” readers: You guys really know your waterfalls. You know your church windows, and your light fixtures outside your restaurants.

Plus, you know your side doors of indoor tennis clubs.

Last week’s photo challenge was an overhead smash for Jeff Giannone, Seth Braunstein, Linda Durakis, Peter Hirst, Ed Hulina, Beth Orlan Berkowitz, Tammy Barry, Andrew Colabella and Bob Twiss.

All of you ob”served” that Lynn U. Miller’s “shot” of an obscure door was actually the exit from the old Westport Tennis Club (now Sylvan Tennis), on South Sylvan Road. During its long heyday it was also called “Erwin’s,” in honor of Erwin Mach (former Longshore pro), who with his wife Barbara owned it. To see the less than glamorous — but apparently well known — image, click here.

Now here’s this week’s photo challenge. Many of us pass it every single day. But do we ever really notice it?

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

If you think you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.




18 responses to “Photo Challenge #108

  1. House of Clement?

    Priscilla Weadon

  2. That’s Circa Antiques on Riverside!

  3. Riverside avenue, across from Sunny Daes or there abouts

  4. Riverside Ave…

  5. Riverside Ave almost to Post Rd

  6. Circa on Riverside Ave.

  7. On the corner of Post Road and
    Riverside, one of if not the smallest
    store fronts in Westport seen often
    while waiting for light to change.

  8. Robert Mitchell

    Bella Bridesmaids

  9. It is on Riverside Avenue, near the Post Road. Circa Antiques is #11; I’m not sure if this door with #9 is part of it too. Good work, readers!

  10. Robert Mitchell got it. Bella Bridesmaids is listed at #9 Riverside Avenue!

    • When I took the pic, it was definitely part of an antiques store (and Bella Bridesmaids was around the corner on the Post Road, although I gather from the post above that it must have moved into this space). And I must say, we have a lot of observant “06880” readers. This space is so easy to overlook. Thanks.

  11. The corner of Riverside Ave near the Post Road

  12. I couldn’t think of the name- I’m so ancient all that came to mind was “where Goodwill used to be!!!”

  13. Riverside Avenue near where salvation army used to be (or maybe it was Goodwill)

  14. Riverside Ave. I love that it looks like a tiny house wedged in between large buildings!

  15. S onset Square

  16. Riverside Ave, next to Westport Art Gallery (framers) and across from Sunny Daes.

  17. Little door by Circa Antiques on Riverside avenue!