Yesterday, I put out a call asking for photos of Westporters at today’s inauguration, and tomorrow women’s march on Washington.

So far, only 1 reader answered the call. Erik Tamm sent this shot of himself at the Capitol:


The night before, he and Leho Poldmae of Hunt Valley, Maryland attended the Texas Black Tie and Boots Ball. Erik wrote: “Celebrating Obama’s exit and Trump’s arrival with 12,000 other Republicans.”


Meanwhile, here’s a photo I stole from Facebook. It shows Staples graduate Alexandra O’Kane (right) working as the lead Georgetown University EMT. She’s been stationed at the Capitol since 4:30 this morning:


In Westport last November, Hillary Clinton outpolled President Trump 10,655 to 4,169 — a greater than 2-to-1 margin.

Perhaps we’ll see more photos from Washington tomorrow.


3 responses to “45

  1. I’ll be marching in Paris tomorrow! Will try to remember to send a photo

  2. Ah, the bow tie: “hints at intellectualism, real or feigned, and sometimes suggests technical acumen, perhaps because it is so hard to tie… “

  3. “Texas Black Tie and Boots Tall”???

    No, really … that’s a thing?

    Celebrating … what, exactly, dare I … oh, never mind … GOP Parteeee … nuff said.

    Two east coast elites, attending the anithesis of such frowned-upon DT voter decries. What’s a hypocrite to do?

    Don’t see any cowboy hats along with that black tie attire. What gives? Tall boots only, I guess.

    (Thanks for posting this Dan – I couldn’t help myself but to react with … a certain visceral … incredulity. Today’s events looked like a funeral procession, arranged by a mob boss who was mourning the loss of his lavish hotel residence).

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