Heading To DC? Send Us Your Photos!

Tomorrow is quite a day for Donald Trump fans.

And the day after is just as big for those who are not.

If you’re traveling to Washington for Friday’s inaugural festivities — or the women’s march the day after — “06880” wants to be there too.

Email us your favorite photos (dwoog@optonline.net), plus a brief description of what you’ve sent. We can’t post everything — but we’ll do our best.

It’s the American way.



16 responses to “Heading To DC? Send Us Your Photos!

  1. I can’t make it to Washington but I’ll be marching in Stamford, wearing a pink “Pussyhat.” Will you take photos from there?

    • Sure. And if people want to send inauguration photos from other places (maybe a watch party?), that’s great too. The more the merrier, from both sides of the aisle.

  2. Important info for anyone going to the March in DC:

    Where to Use the Bathroom, Charge your Phone and Warm Up during the Women’s March: https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/01/17/map-use-bathroom-charge-phone-womens-march/

    Elyse (Evers) Kingery Staples ’74.

  3. My good friend Lisa will be at the March — I’ll pass on the request for photos and observations.

  4. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    Also, everyone should be aware of potential street closures wherever there is a women’s match scheduled. For instance in NYC there will be some closures on 2nd Ave and 5th Ave from 42nd street up to 57th street. I think it is supposed to end everywhere around 11:00 am wherever they end the marches with some speeches, etc. Not sure how traffic will be affected in NYC, Stamford, Boston Etc. But DC will be bad traffic due to closures for the inauguration on Friday as well.

  5. Adam Schwartz

    I get what the march is all about but for myself, I wouldn’t spend one ounce of energy on such a horrible, low life, moron and person who is less than a human being. I can’t wait until all these Trump supporters wake up and realize what they did!

    What gets me is how his three older kids seem to be somewhat normal and nice people. How in the world can they live with all this? What are they thinking? I fully understand what love for a parent is all about but, this is something completely different.

    And his daughter’s husband is an Orthodox Jew and supposedly going to be one of his closest advisors? What are they thinking with all the bigoted and possibly Anti-Semitic comments over the past year and a half?

    To be a fly on their wall for a day….

  6. What a great fireworks display this evening the rumor is hillary Clinton donated them because she spent a million dollars on them for the election night. Obviously she didn’t need them but thanks Hillary, you can put on some fireworks display.