Tavern On Main: Yesterday On “Today”

If you watch the “Today” show, you may know that Craig Melvin has made a commitment to a vegetarian, alcohol-free diet this year.

You may also have seen yesterday’s segment on his “healthy reboot.” Filmed at Tavern on Main, it showcased the restaurant’s emphasis on incorporating healthy, seasonal produce in its menu. The Westport Farmers’ Market, for example, is a frequent source of food.

Tavern on Main

Melvin and his wife, ESPN’s Lindsay Czarnink, are frequent Tavern guests. Click here to see the segment.

18 responses to “Tavern On Main: Yesterday On “Today”

  1. If only this restaurant actually deserved the free press you are supplying.
    I know you are doing the story because it is a Westport resident that works for the Today Show, but I have lived locally for over 20 years and Tavern on Main many years ago became a “never again” eating establishment.
    Why ? Because after many visits of rude, inattentive service complete with very inconsistently prepared food , you realize this place isn’t for you— and many others according to folks we know and reviews you read.
    It’s really too bad because it’s a convenient , homey spot.

    • TMitchell why are you constantly berating local restaurants on here? It’s far more effective to contact them directly if you have issues rather than sucker punching online. Tough customer seems more like it to me.

  2. I have a differing opinion. My husband and I enjoy The Tavern on Main very much. The historic venue, kind and efficient service and consistently are served a very excellent meal.

  3. ..both times I went there, the service was terrible — like waiting 25 minutes to take an order. And after the 3rd request, excuses, excuses, excuses.

  4. Fabulous best go to restaurant the most yummy food comfortable delicious high and medium end love the maître d’ love the potato chips love the cup salad love the dock love the outdoor dining love the indoor dining love the ambience love love love
    Susan Tracy

  5. Audrey Demetres

    Tavern on Main is my favorite “go to”. I love the authentic CT colonial decor, the wonderful family, cozy warm ambiance. The food is beautiful and delicious. I think anyone who runs down a cornerstone of our Town is just “one of those” too difficult to deal with patrons. Westport is a town with a beautiful New England Main St and The Tavern is an anchor of our tradition. Congrats on the Today show appearance and wish the folks at The Tavern many years of continued success.

  6. Tyler, wow, your assumption was interesting. You said, “It’s far more effective to contact them directly if you have issues rather than sucker punching online.” Yet , I did casually share my constructive criticism directly with them and it fell on deaf ears……that’s their right.
    And it’s great for the restaurant that enough patrons do feel positively about their product. Interestingly, a few folks stressed that it’s a solid destination due in part to the fact that it’s an “historic venue” and a “cornerstone of our town”. Come on people, who really cares about the history of an establishment when choosing where to dine ? But, if you like it, for whatever reasons, then ENJOY yourself.

  7. In all the times we have gone to The Tavern on Main we have never had anything other than a very good meal, at a reasonable price and had at minimum good service. We have eaten near the fireplace, in the front and back rooms, out on the patio, as a couple, with friends and with our large family- we have been there for lunch, brunch and dinner. We have told them when we were trying to get out for a show at the playhouse or when we wanted a more leisurely meal with friends- never a problem. I am sorry to hear others complain about either the food or the service when that has never been our experience in the numerous times we have gone there. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and should have a nice experience when you eat out. But anyone reading this blog should also get the other side from TMitchell’s.

    I am sure some of the restaurants in town I will not go back to are loved by someone- so be it.

  8. Dave Feliciano

    The Tavern on Main is great, one of the few true local places left in Westport, and has always been a joy to take friends there. But I suppose everyone one is entitled to their opinion, no matter that no one else agrees with them.

  9. Tavern on Main is my favorite restaurant in Westport. The food is excellent and it is a great local place to meet and see your neighbors. My family eats there almost once a week. Tonight I had the salmon and it was delicious. Looking forward to seeing you all there and supporting our local businesses.

  10. Sad to see so much arguing about a beloved local institution with much of its original charm intact. All of us who remember it as “Chez Pierre” will hope that it stays in business forever.

  11. I have to weigh in! How terrific the “Today” show chose to feature vegetarian options at Tavern on Main. And thanks to Dan for finding yet another “Westport hook” we might have missed. Tavern is our “go to” place. If it’s summer on the deck, or winter, cozy near a fireplace, we are assured an ambiance we can’t easily find anywhere else. But all told, it takes more than that to keep us coming back. The lunches and dinners we’ve had over the years have been first rate. I won’t go into all our favorites (ok, the roasted root veggies), but many family and work celebrations (and the chopped salad with brown rice and salmon) have been successful wonderfully memorable experiences there (we love the créme brûlée too). The wait staff, as it was when we knew it as Chez Pierre, remains unobtrusively perfectly professional.

  12. Audrey Hertzel

    One of my favorites too! With all of the restaurants that come and go in this town in a very short amount of time, TOM was here years before them and remains many, many years after. That, in itself, speaks volumes in this town!

  13. Thankfully my experience at this restaurant is always only fantastic. I’m now only a visitor to Westport and this is the go to for me when meeting up with friends also from Westport but now also just visiting. The staff here treat us like we are regulars, and we appreciate it so much, makes our little reunions in Westport really easy and extra enjoyable.

    (and they never – and that includes even the many years before everyone had food allergies – flinched when it came to my food allergy questions about the menu).

    Susan Farley