Remembering Chris Byron

Chris Byron — who attended Saugatuck Elementary School and Bedford Junior High in Westport, then returned after becoming a prize-winning investigative journalist and best-selling book author, with books about mental health and Martha Stewart — died last weekend. He was 72 years old.

Chris Byron

Chris Byron

He was particularly proud of his book Tales From Bluewater Hill, published in 2015. The memoir of growing up in the 1950s described the joys of boyhood near Compo Beach, in no-holds-barred terms.

Chris’ family — including his ex-wife Maria; his children Jana, Katy and Nick, and his  brother Kevin — said:

As many of you know, Chris had been ill for quite some time. We are relieved that his passing was peaceful and painless, and that he was afforded the grace to say goodbye to his family in the days preceding his death.

In true Chris form, he maintained his award-winning wit and humor until the very end. He will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved him as well as his many admirers and readers. He will not be missed by Donald Trump, or any of the other subjects of his countless exposés and investigations.

A wake will be held this Saturday (January 14, 12 to 3 p.m., at Collins Funeral, 92 East Ave., Norwalk), followed by a memorial service.

Flowers are welcome. Contributions may be sent to the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation on whose board Chris served; Yale University’s Journalism Initiative (his alma mater), or the Authors Guild.

(Hat tip: Pam Barkentin Ehrenberg)

5 responses to “Remembering Chris Byron

  1. Gerry Manning: Chris and I were classmates through Junior High School. He was witty and very smart, a popular guy with a winning manner. I lost touch with him over the years, running into him on occasion at the Westport train station. I’m sorry to learn of his passing.

  2. I didn’t realize Byron had such a strong Westport connection. His book The Fanciest Dive, about Time Inc.’s utterly disastrous attempt to create a new magazine in the early ’80s, is a classic of business journalism–one of those great yarns where everything that could possibly go wrong goes wrong. Corporate hubris at its finest.

  3. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find “Tales from Bluewater Hill” in the Westport Library catalog. I hope they’ll acquire it.

  4. Hi, Dan — Sad news about Chris. He was part of a gang of kids who grew up together on Bluewater Hill and Compo Hill and will be forever young in our memories. Can you advise how to get a copy of his book on Bluewater Hill? Amazon says it is a limited edition and out of print.



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