Rash Of Stolen Vehicles Follows Rash Of People Leaving Keys In Vehicles

  • 12/02/16: “He also stated his daughter left the vehicle unlocked with the key in the console.”
  • 12/14/16: “The vehicle had been parked on the left side of the driveway with no other vehicles in front of it or behind it. The vehicle was unlocked and the keys were left either on the driver-side floor or the middle console.”
  • 12/25/16: “At approximately 0730 hours, the victim reported someone just attempted to steal his vehicle after he left it running in driveway.”
  • 12/30/16: “Victim stated he always leaves his keys in the vehicle and always leaves the vehicle unlocked.”
  • 12/30/16: “The key fob for the vehicle was also in the center console and the vehicle was unlocked.”
  • 01/06/17: “Responded on a report of a stolen car.  Upon arrival I spoke with the owner who stated that he parked the car around 1845 hours on 1/5/17.  The vehicle was unlocked and the keys were inside.”
  • 01/09/17: “Victim said he went to sleep around 2300 hours and did not hear anything suspicious during the night. Victim said his key was left in his center console and his vehicle must have been unlocked.”
  • 01/09/17: “Doors were unlocked and the key was left in the vehicle.”

stolen-carYou get the point?

If not, read on:

Over the past 2 months, 9 vehicles have been stolen in Westport.

Each time, the doors were unlocked, and the keys were left inside.

Westport Police have also responded recently to a number of vehicle break-ins, with thefts of items inside. In all those cases too, the doors were unlocked overnight.

The Police Department reminds Westporters: Lock your car, and bring your keys inside. Take valuables — cash, purses, wallets, electronics, etc. — out each night.

Westport PoliceThe cops add: “It is also good practice to keep outside lights on and motion lights activated. Please notify the Police Department if it appears your vehicle was entered or you observe anything suspicious in your neighborhood.”

The good news: In all recent cases, the stolen vehicles were recovered.

The bad news:  The time the police spend tracking down the car thieves could be spent in much better ways.

Like catching all those entitled drivers whose photos appear on “06880.”

16 responses to “Rash Of Stolen Vehicles Follows Rash Of People Leaving Keys In Vehicles

  1. Of course the vehicles were recovered. They weren’t stolen. They were just borrowed by people who strongly believe in the “Sharing Economy.”

  2. Martha Deegan

    Four cars were stolen near Jennings Beach in Fairfield last week. Keys were left in the cars. How dumb can you be?

  3. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    Go figure ! Like the Porsche and Maserati cars left running to stay warm while their owners get their Triple Tall Skim Lates at Starbucks in Harder Parking Plaza. Every morning you just shake your head and think, only in Westport?

  4. My car wasn’t locked, they took every phone connector thingy in it and they left the keys which were in it on the driveway. I guess the car wasn’t worth taking!

  5. At least no shots fired. Imagine in NRA country

  6. Dan, Great headline!! I can see it emblazoned either in the New York Post or The Onion. You are a master with words!

  7. Does insurance even cover stolen vehicles when the keys are left available?

  8. Susan Hopkins

    Well … DUH

  9. Chip:

    What time did you say the Marerati was waiting for me?

  10. …that was supposed to me Maserati, which showed you how far out o my league it is…..

  11. I’ve got the cheapest anti-theft system available: a manual transmission. I lock the doors so nobody steals my coffee cup, but I don’t lose too much sleep any more fearing somebody will steal the car. Trouble is, fewer and fewer manufacturers offer this feature. It’s a shame.

  12. Sounds like an Andy Borowitz headline!!

  13. Sounds like Durante’s “Did You Ever Have the Feeling that You Wanted to Stay…”

  14. This is why I don’t drive a car worth stealing!…hahaha not really but I’ll keep telling myself that!!