It’s Raining. There’s A Lot Of Traffic. So I’ll Just Park Here …

… and I won’t even do it close, or straight.

(Photo/Matt Murray)

(Photo/Matt Murray)

11 responses to “It’s Raining. There’s A Lot Of Traffic. So I’ll Just Park Here …

  1. Dick Lowenstein

    So my dog and I don’t get wet!

  2. In the recent past there have been a lot of postings of pictures of poor parking by inconsiderate people. Everyone seems to have a phone/camera. Any chance these pics could be sent to the local gendarmes who could obtain the names of the perpetrators and post them to a “Citizen’s Arrest” board? Apparently, signs and lines do not convince the ingrates; a little public embarrassment might.

  3. Anthony Palmer

    It’s normal parking,take a picture during a snow event then you’ll see “some parking”

  4. Not that it excuses it, but this happens everywhere. “I’ll just be a minute…”
    Same for people entitled to sit and wait, 20-30 minutes, in the fire lanes. Had a guy, in a renta-a-limo, double park and block me in at a deli in Stamford, just as I was getting to my car… “just be a minute…” he said and kept walking. He came back in a flash when I hopped in His car and started to back it out of my way…

  5. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    I don’t think that I have ever commented on a parking post before. Since I no longer live in Westport it doesn’t seem fair. However, it does happen everywhere. Last week on a pleasant day in Galveston, Texas with our grandkids we saw three cars taking up six spaces. Since one is about to start driving it was the perfect time to do a little education on parking etiquette. In our part of the country one of the worst offenders is not taking up two spaces but adding to air pollution by pulling in, generally in a large SUV, keeping the car engine and air conditioning going while you text, talk, check e-mail, etc.

  6. I saw this parking job too this afternoon at Stop and Shop. When I passed there was another car parked in front of this one. They established their own row of parking.

  7. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    Is anyone getting sick and tired of the parking IDIOTS that park on the wrong side of signs direct no parking beyond this point at:
    Post Rd and Riverside
    Main St at Post Rd
    Post Rd at Taylor Pl
    It backs up traffic It causes confusion and it SUCKS!

  8. Life is short – keep calm and carry on!

  9. Sharon Paulsen


    Yup, and it DOES happen everywhere. Kills me … really does.

    It still always amazes me when people do “stoooopid shite” like this.

    Oh well, happy 2017 folks! 😎

  10. Joyce Barnhart

    In Florida recently, we saw a car parked on the lines between 2 handicapped spaces, the white-striped section meant to allow extra room for walkers, etc. The offender had a handicapped pass, too. But wouldn’t that mean he should know better? Drivers in Florida are an A-mazing bunch.