So Long, 2016!

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

12 responses to “So Long, 2016!

  1. Fab photo, enjoyed all the way from Belize!!! Happy New Year, DanπŸ’•

  2. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Happy New. Year Dan. Thank you for all your reporting keeping residents up to the minute on the town’s current events and those of us who are “ex-pats” up to date as well. I’ll look forward to the 2017 posts.

  3. “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
    And next year’s words await another voice.” — T.S. Eliot

    Best wishes from a neighbour and friend.

  4. Beautiful photo! Happy New Year, 06880 and Mr. Woog!

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  5. Thanks again for keeping me in touch with my hometown. Great picture once again!

  6. Beautiful photo. Here’s to 2017 and all the best to the 06880 community.

  7. Sally Campbell Palmer

    The picture is a Beautiful way to go out, thanks! Happy New Year Dan …and every one. Wonder what the new year will bring….

  8. A.David Wunsch

    Thanks for another year of your work Dan. You are a real mensch.
    ADW Staples 1956

  9. Eileen McManus

    Thank you, Dan, for keeping our Westport close to our hearts, and to Patricia and all for the spectacular photography!! Welcome 2017!!

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    Perfect image to sign off the year with!

    Missing Compo. πŸ˜•

    Happy New Year everyone!!🎊🎊🎊

  11. Happy New Year Dan. Keep being you in 2017 and beyond.