Photo Challenge #104

Maybe last week’s photo challenge was hard.

Maybe everyone was out Christmas shopping. Or enjoying a drink at their favorite restaurant.

Whatever. Only 3 readers — Ken Palumbo, Dan Vener and Andrew Colabella — knew that the gas lantern posted last week sits outside the Pink Sumo restaurant on Church Lane. (Click here for the photo.)

Then again, with the ongoing Bedford Square construction I’m sure no one stands around gazing at the scenery.

Things will be different once that project is completed, a couple of months from now. Until then, it’s a testament to Pink Sumo — and its neighbor, the Spotted Horse — that they still draw diners.

Speaking of diners: If you can tear yourself away from today’s Christmas ham — or Hanukkah sushi, or whatever — here is today’s challenge:


If you recognize it, click “Comments” below. Happy holidays!

41 responses to “Photo Challenge #104

  1. Christ & Holy Trinity Church

  2. Trinity church windows?

  3. Holy Trinity Church?

  4. Nancy Lopresti

    CHrist and Holy Trinity Church

  5. Everyone seems to have written the same ‘guess’ I immediately thought.of: Christ & Holy Trinity! What a beautiful church. Jane Sherman

  6. Shirlee Gordon

    Christ and Trinity church

  7. Christ and Holy Trinity Church!
    Missing it today especially, so many wonderful memories.
    Thanks Dan!

  8. Assumption, Riverside Ave

  9. CHT! Beautiful photo of beautiful windows!

  10. Yes! Of course it’s Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, on Myrtle Avenue and Church Lane downtown. Everyone (except Peter!) got it right. That’s my Christmas gift to you. Next week: back to a tougher photo challenge.

  11. A little late but I did recognize the windows at Christ and Holy Trinity Church

  12. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    Jeez, guys — Even in Portland I remember those windows of christ Church, and that was more than quite a few years ago. Dan: got an idea for a new series, if you ever run out of places to recall. It could be called: “What used to be there?” Where Tiffany’s store stands on the corner of Taylor Place used to be Colgan’s Drug Store. Of course it was a couple of years ago that I did a Google Street View of Main Street and the Post Road, so all may be different. Anyone know what was an early (or maybe the first) iteration of the Inn at National Hall?

  13. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Late to this conversation but I also knew immediately, Christ and Holy Trinity.. It’s “rose window” is spectacular and Christmas in their Sanctuary was always fantastic. Although we were members of Saugatuck Congregational I frequently visited with a friend and remember a Christmas children sermon by Rev. Frederick Laurensen.

  14. Holy Trinity church windows

  15. Inn at Natl. Hall was a State Police Barracks back when..

  16. Andrew Colabella


  17. Christ and Holy Trinity windows

  18. Mary Ann Batsell

    Christ and Holy Trinity

  19. Christ & Holy Trinity Church

  20. Sharon Paulsen

    That sounds like a fun idea, J. Wandres … a “what used to be there” challenge!!

    Wasn’t The Ships restaurant tucked into part of that Tiffany’s space (which also had Eddie Bauer for a time as well)? Or was it farther over? 🤔

    (BTW, I was also thinking those are Christ and Holy Trinity windows too, but I’m way too late here).

  21. Christ and Holy Trinity Church. I remember it from the days when Reverend Lawrenson was head of the Church

  22. Stone church down the road from Saugatuck congregational church?

  23. Bonnie Bradley

    Hey, guys & girls: Anyone else remember when Christ & Holy Trinity Church caught fire & the interior was destroyed in the 1950s? (The altar burned & fell down into the cellar, among other devastation.) For more than a year church services were held in the second floor room in the YMCA (famously where Miss Comer & her sister Miss Irene held dreaded dancing classes for 7th/8th grade students – the boys wore gloves so that the girls were spared grasping their sweaty hands – or perhaps it was considered too intimate a gesture, holding hands, flesh to flesh.) I vividly remember one Sunday morning at the YMCA when altar boy Bill Bucknell fell in the center aisle onto the wood floor while carrying the collection plate full of coins, causing a great commotion among the adult attendees. Bill was well known among the adults as the “perfect young man” & he was totally flustered & red as a beet. Can’t really blame him, considering the circumstances….
    My father, attorney J. Kenneth Bradley, successfully represented the interests of the church against the insurance company, which initially refused to pay the claim. The case was won, the church was paid & the interior rebuilt & restored.
    As a result of this action, I suppose, my parents began attending Christ & Holy Trinity services, with my father eventually becoming a Warden in the church. Strange, since the Bradley family was traditionally Congregational and I was baptized in that church as an infant. We never attended there,

    Just saying: The minister was Fred Lorenson, not @ various spellings above.

    Just saying: Although I dutifully (it was the ’50s!) attended the services a few times with my parents I never bought any of it – I’m too pragmatic by nature & intellect.

    • Lancet windows – Christ and Holy Trinity Church. The correct spelling was – (go for broke here!) The Right Reverend Frederick Laurence Christian Lorentzen – and what an extraordinary man he was. Passed away I believe in 1959?

    • Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

      Hi Bonnie,
      Thanks for the history . I should have remembered the fire and did not until you mentioned it. I was pretty sure I did not remember the correct spelling of Lorentzen and should have researched it before replying. Especially because Mrs. Lorentzen taught first at Bolton School and then later at Kathleen Laycock Country Day with my mother and even gave us a wedding gift. I’ll also plead “auto correct ” which does not always auto correct names correctly and I fail to catch it! In this case it was me but……
      Keep adding the history. We grew up in a fascinating town and sharing it’s history is important.

  24. I was busy preparing Christmas Dinner, so I didn’t turn on my computer until this morning (Dec. 26, 8:40 am), but I immediately recognized it as Christ & Holy Trinity. Too bad. It’s been a long time since I “got” one of the Photo challenges. I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

  25. Lancet windows – Christ and Holy Trinity Church

  26. Christ and Holy Trinity Church

  27. Kathleen Fassman

    Christ and Holy Trinity Church

  28. I am guessing Christ and Holy Trinity steeple.

  29. Jessica Branson

    Christ and holy trinity! Home away from home!

  30. Bonnie Bradley

    Linda Parker – I’m sure you are totally correct about the spelling of the minister’s name; the rest of us just gave it a (wrong) shot. 🙄

  31. William Thornton

    Chartres Cathedral

  32. Christ and Holy Trinity Church

  33. Dorothy Fincher

    Oh yes Christ and Holy Trinity