Bridgewater-DC Connection?

Today’s Norwalk Hour reports that the frontrunner for Deputy Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration is David McCormick.

That’s “06880”-worthy because he’s the president of Bridgewater Associates — the Westport-based firm that just happens to be the largest hedge fund on earth.

Interesting. But even more intriguing is seeing if anyone makes a connection between McCormick and another Bridgewater guy: the former general counsel.

He too once lived in Westport. Guy by the name of James Comey.

For a hedge firm with a low profile, a current and former Bridgewater employee have been in the news lately.

For a hedge firm with a low profile, one current and one former Bridgewater employee have been in the news a lot lately.


14 responses to “Bridgewater-DC Connection?

  1. What is your point, Dan? This post sounds nefarious. And paranoid.

    • Don’t let them get to you Nancy………..Merry CHRISTMAS!
      Bruce Kent

      • No worries, Bruce, I never do. What is worrisome is putting blame on others for Hillary’s loss, and for prematurely nixing Trump’s choices.
        Too many closed minds, which is the wrong reaction to the hand we were dealt.

        Merry CHRISTMAS to you, too!


  3. Thanks too for the photo of lush green trees…forgot what those looked like given the weather.

  4. birds of a feather…and bad birds at that…mostly i just play Bach
    and forget about turkeys of this type. nothing we can do about it all anyway.

  5. I’d sure like to know what qualifies the president of Bridgewater to be Deputy Secretary of Defense?! Oh yeah, he’s “made a fortune.” That’s the only qualification necessary in Trumpworld for a cabinet position. God help us all.

  6. Don L Bergmann

    I will not speculate on Dan’s thinking. For me, I am interested in the people Pres. Elect Trump selects or considers for important positions and when they have a tie to Westport or a business headquartered in Westport, it seems very natural for 06880 to cover that. Also, Bridgewater has a very unique and powerful business culture. Having the Pres. of Bridgewater and the former General Counsel as part of the Trump team, both of whom presumably played a major role in the Bridgewater culture, may or may not be beneficial to their roles in our Federal government.. As to speculation such as “nefarious” and “paranoid”, those are words that hinder thoughtful dialogue, particularly when no explanation is given as to why selected.
    Don Bergmann

  7. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    I agree with Don. Dan did not comment or give an opinion. Dan simply did what good journalists do. He reported and gave the local connections. I am always amazed at Westport’s connections to the whole world. Those connections make Westport a fascinating place to live.

  8. Philip Millstein

    Dan, “Inside Job”, the film that won the Best Documentary Oscar for exposing the causes of the recent recession, includes a priceless interview of David McCormick. It is a must-see! Happy Holidays, Phil Millstein Staples 66 Princeton, NJ

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