Candlelight Concert: Sneak Preview!

Staples High School’s 76th annual Candlelight Concert is set for tonight and tomorrow.

No tickets? No longer live here?

No problem!

Here’s a glimpse at this morning’s Orchestra rehearsal. Adele Valovich conducts the haunting “Nimrod” by Elgar. Just click on the video below to enjoy!

Bonus holiday feature photos:



6 responses to “Candlelight Concert: Sneak Preview!

  1. Thank you Dan for the memories and the warm nostalgia. For four years I was part of the Christmas concert at Staples with Mr. Weigle as our teacher and Mr. O’Hanion leading The Hallelujah Chorus. I loved being a part of those wonderful concerts. I was also reminded of a funny story someone told me years later as we rehearsed The Hallelujah Chorus in church at Christmas time. The story goes that while the Chorus was being sung two women in the audience were not paying attention and were engaged in their own private conversation. At that dramatic pause before the final Hallelujah one women was heard saying to the other ‘and then you add chicken fat’.

  2. Thank you, Dan. It has been many years since my last Christmas concert.

    Also, thank you too, Adele. Wonderful!

  3. Looks like that M&M has created a puzzle on that sheet music!

  4. Awww I have very fond memories of the Christmas concert! ! Once i had graduated and returned as alumni I have to say I was quite teary eyed when we were asked to stand and contribute to singing the Hallelujah chorus! I h as ve very fond memories of my experiences in sophomore chorus and girls glee. Of course I cherish what I learned from my art teachers at Staples. ..after all I became an art teacher! ! I still have records of the Christmas concert! Yeah Westport education!!!!

  5. During my many years at Staples, I always thought I had the “best seats in the house” because I could walk several feet across the hall from my room to the green room and stand in the wings stage right and enjoy all the concerts being rehearsed. And of course, most special each year was hearing the Candlelight before anyone else. The sound of “Sing We Noel” can still bring me right back to that time and place.