A Minute With The Orphenians

Sure, you don’t have to go to Barnes & Noble for books or toys*.

But Amazon can’t deliver live, in-person music like we got yesterday, from the Staples Orphenians.

Here’s a brief sample: Mendelssohn’s “Weihnachten.”


*Or even Starbucks.

4 responses to “A Minute With The Orphenians

  1. Mary Schmerker, Staples 1958

    They are soooooo wonderful. They bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Love Love Love this!!

    More, please (LOL).


  3. BMS Jazz Band will be there 4 PM today (Friday)!

  4. What an inspiration! I can’t wait for the Candlelight performances. I know I will be moved to tears.