Photo Challenge #101

Most of us never hang out on the top floor of the Westport Historical Society.

But that didn’t stop Richard Stein, Edward Bloch, Nancy Hunter, Dan Herman and Michelle Saunders from knowing that last week’s photo challenge was shot from inside those very old windows.

The view — courtesy of Jo Shields — showed downtown, and the west bank of the Saugatuck River. Click here to see the image (and read all the wrong guesses).

Now here’s this week’s challenge:


(Photo/Bob Weingarten)

Click “Comments” below if you know where in Westport you’d find it.

9 responses to “Photo Challenge #101

  1. Shirlee Gordon

    On Main Street at the steps near the store Calypso.

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    On the northwest corner of Post Road East and Main Street – the little corner park in front of the old library. (What is its name? I know it’s not officially “Needle Park”>)

  3. Corner of Main and post road east. Original Library at left. From what once was “needle park” ?

  4. The little park at the corner of Main St and Post Rd (east side of the original library). The clapboard wall of the former West Lake Restaurant gave it away.

  5. Shirlee Gordon

    I just wanted to add it’s the big urn
    at the Steps that lead upto the store
    Calypso on Main Street.
    I wanted to be more specific.

  6. Anthony Palmer

    Flower planter at the old library park

  7. Needle Parj

  8. You are all correct. It’s the once-thriving, now concrete park at the corner of the Post Road and Main Street. Once called “Needle Park” — because of all the hippies who hung out there — it is supposedly open to the public. When was the last time you saw anyone there?

  9. The scene sure brings back memories. It isn’t Ti Jean in the fur coat. I sat on those benches with him a number of times though, back then. He was a year or two younger than me and his brother George was my age or a year older. Ti Jean must have been born in 1952. After I moved to CA in the start of 1968, I ran into him unexpectedly on Sunset Strip in Hollywood! He was just visiting there.
    I often hung out in the little park in Westport from 1964 up until the end of 1967, “the summer of love”. Things were fairly innocent back then. At that time in the park, there was no heroin, no homeless and no one sleeping. in 1966 and 67 an occasional joint was secretly smoked. 1969 brought about big changes in the counter cultural revolution and apparently the description of the scene in the park in 1970 represents this.
    I lived in Weston and Devils Den was “my hangout” from the time I could walk or ride my bike there at about 10 years old.
    Thanks for the photo.