Friday Flashback #17

Today’s Friday Flashback is different from most. There’s a reason.

(Photo courtesy of Ray and Patricia Donovan)

(Photo courtesy of Ray and Patricia Donovan)

The 1969 photo shows Jean Donovan on her horse Apple, at Fiddle Horse Farm. The farm was located the west side of Bayberry Lane, midway between Long Lots Road and Cross Highway.

Sam and Bernice Friedson owned it, as well as the Tack Room — a horseback riding supply store on the Post Road, opposite the old post office.

So why is this today’s Friday Flashback? It’s the 36th anniversary of the beating, rape and murder of 4 lay missionaries, by Salvadoran military men. Donovan — a 1971 Staples High School graduate — was one of those women.

Growing up in Westport, there was little evidence she’d become an internationally known martyr. She had a fairly secular upbringing here. She was introduced to horseback riding when she was young, and spent some of her teenage years riding and working at Fiddle Horse Farm. It was one of several working horse farms in Westport.

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(Hat tip: John Suggs)

6 responses to “Friday Flashback #17

  1. I am speechless.

  2. So sad

  3. I didn’t know Jean, but remember the tragedy in El Salvador so well. those Nuns -those good people- were there to do only good.
    I don’t have the stamina to go through the history of this murder.
    Thank you Jean and your sisters and brothers who were trying to do good works.
    We remember you.

  4. She was my friend I remember hearing the news so many years ago. Time doesn’t change the emotions I feel when reminded of her journey. Rest Jean you’re in a better place

  5. Susan Hopkins

    I did not know Jean, but remember the murders in El Salvador. Jean, may you continue to rest in perfect peace.

  6. Jean was a member of the Staples Field Hockey Team. I will always remember her, she was a special teammate and friend.