As If Parking At The New Starbucks Isn’t Bad Enough…

…this was the scene around 7:30 this morning:


Perhaps the trash collection service has not figured out the new location.

Perhaps the baristas have not thought to notify them that garbage is piling up.

One thing is sure: This is not the sight our town — or the company — want to present to customers as they line up for their very expensive morning joe.

(Hat tip: Allison Adler)

30 responses to “As If Parking At The New Starbucks Isn’t Bad Enough…


  2. We should hang our heads as residents that this is allowed to happen anywhere in our town.

  3. Wilhelmina de Haas

    Ewwwww! Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. just forwarded this to Howard, president of SBUX.
    heads will roll ! Howard be bad !

    • Yes, but isn’t the whole idea of progressive retailing espoused by Howard Schultz not to have to constantly demand that “heads will roll?” What we’re really seeing is the decline of a once high-end (but pretentious) retail concept into typical chain store mediocrity. And, in this case, the heads that should roll are not the poor folks who work in the store, but whoever is the dumb executive choosing and executing that awful site.

  5. So far this Starbucks location has been abysmal in every way — service, maintenance, accessibility, and even quality of a cup of coffee, which for a coffee shop is kind of a basic need. What happened to the kind, friendly and efficient baristas that were at the location across the street? It was chaotic, for sure — as evidenced by 06680’s excellent coverage of the Great Daily Parking Debacle — but they got your order right in a reasonable-for-fast-food amount of time.

    • So far this starbcuks doesn’t like the new clientele who would rather write a post about recycling while sitting in their running car for 30 minutes to get a single cup of mediocre overpriced coffee. Thanks for giving me health insurance Susan.

  6. Is the dumpster full or are people just lazy?

  7. Enough already about Starbucks You must own stock

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  8. Health code violations?
    Trash strewn parking lot backs up to residential area.
    Hopefully the trash has beeen cleared by now!

    • The raccoons have cleared out the trash for the most part. King Trash Mouth did a pretty good job. We are thinking of bringing him on full time.

      We are looking for someone to sow a tiny green apron for him to wear. He is size 4 but depending on the amount he has eaten he can stretch into a 6.

  9. Where are the recycling bins?

    • Recycling bins tend to be near your driveway. I think they are blue in Westport. Take your trash with you we are not your mother.

  10. Bonnie Bradley

    Sorry to disagree, Dan, but if you owned Starbucks stock bashing is exactly what you WOULD do. This ongoing neglect & mess doesn’t strengthen or enhance the image, it degrades it. My son & I were in the store last year & it was a disgusting mess too, sticky dirty tables, trash-littered floor, filthy restroom. And in WESTPORT, too – oh my! Hope Howard reads & acts on Buell’s heads-up.

    • Hello Bonnie! πŸ™‚ Come to the Fairfield one on Black Rock Turnpike — down the road from me. It is immaculate & they are really friendly. Apparently a lot of Westporters feel compelled (*driven* by necessity?) to travel to THIS one because during the 2012 hurricane I was stuck in there w/ about a half dozen of *them*!

  11. Allison Adler

    Still the same this AM…has not been cleaned up, . They are saying they cannot get the trash guy to come and he hasn’t been there since before Thanksgiving. Howard, help!

    • This is a pretty amazing story of business stupidity that can only happen in the bizarre world of corporate bureaucracy.

      If anyone with half a brain managed the place, he’d call a different trash service, or organize a crew to go outside, rebag the trash and take it down to the dump themselves.

      Nothing like this could could ever happen at a mom & pop, unless the owner came down with Alzheimers!

      • Peter to be fair our boss is a SHE.

        If the unions didn’t run this state there might be some trash competition. But for the time being it is the powers that be in Westport or the Racoons. And the racoons work for free, so we do what any good capitalist would do and go with them. We have to do what we can to help save the company some money and help those stock prices so you rich crybabies can afford to lounge in our store for hours on end.

  12. Bonnie Bradley

    Thanks, Zoe. I travel Black Rock Tpke on my way to Ffld. I’ll take your advice. Maybe I’ll wear a sign saying “WSPT SBucks Refugee.”

    • So funny Bonnie… There is a very nice old town Hardware store next door (Poster’s) & nearby a Gap & Old Navy etc. (to help orient you).

      When I was weathering out the storm there during the 2012 hurricane (as my & others’ power was out for a week) they a had comfortable stuffed small sofa etc. (vintage I think) — but later someone in the Big Office decided they should *renovate*. Thus now they have high counters & hard chairs: but it is still very clean & orderly & friendly & no massive pile of uncollected trash outside awaiting you. πŸ™‚

  13. It’s even worse today.

  14. Francis Fiolek

    You shamed Starbucks… Howard Schultz stepping down as CEO

  15. Bonnie Bradley

    *Just saying*… Best blog comments ever! We changed the world. LOL πŸŽ„

  16. Why not have the health department show up, threaten to close if they don’t act immediately? Quite frankly if this is still a mess tomorrow I will start making calls.
    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Assocation