Dylan’s Touchdown [UPDATE: Video Added]

Dylan Curran is a Staples High School freshman. Like many teenagers, he loves sports.

At the beginning of the school year — through the encouragement of quarterback Jake Thaw and his family — the special education student was invited to be the team’s assistant manager. He helped carry the med kit and water, and aided the coaches and team in countless ways.

Dylan had a wonderful time. He attended practices and games, wearing street clothes and a borrowed jersey.

Last night was different.

In the locker room before game time, the team helped Dylan get dressed in full football gear: pads, cleats, and of course a helmet.

Coach Drew Smith and Dylan Curran.

Coach Drew Smith and Dylan Curran.

He was thrilled. But there was more to come.

Dylan Curran (#29) and his teammates, before the game. (Photo/Greershotz.com)

Dylan Curran (#29) and his teammates, before the game. (Photo/Chris Greer)

Coach Drew Smith, fellow Staples freshman coaches Jared Smith, Ty Guarante and Chris Jerome — and their Greenwich High counterparts — arranged a special play.

On the Staples field — under the lights — Dylan scored a touchdown!

Dylan scores! (Photos/Greershotz.com)

Dylan scores! (Photo/Chris Greer)

The Wreckers ran over. They high-fived, hugged him, and chanted “Dylan! Dylan! Dylan!”


(Photo/Chris Greer)

Staples lost the football game, 34-13.

But they sure won the game of life.

36 responses to “Dylan’s Touchdown [UPDATE: Video Added]

  1. Jane Guttridge

    Bravo to Dylan and to his Staples teammates and coaches and to his fellow Greenwich sportsmen. You are all fine examples of the best of sport!

  2. Shari Goldstein

    I love reading stories like this one. I just wish there were more.
    Way to go Dylan!

  3. Congratulations to the boys and coaches who
    Gave Dylan and themselves a huge life gift and lesson. Moments such as this makes everyone a winner and everybody this story touches a reminder that light and kindness is the way.
    Thank you for sharing this !

  4. Is there a video of this? I would love to see it! God Bless all of those boys. As the parent of a special needs son, I cried like a baby reading this story. Staples and Greenwich team members: You’ll all remember this story and you’re all winners. I hope you remember the spirit behind this because it will serve you well your entire lives. Go Dylan!!

  5. That is fabulous!!!! Go Dylan!!!! So proud of you and so proud to be one of your teachers!!!!

  6. As someone who knows Dylan and whose kids are fortunate enough to be friends with him, all I can say is that Dylan is a real gift. He is one of the happiest, kindest kids we have ever met and all who know him are better for it. My boys were thrilled to be there to see Dylan’s big TD! Could not have happened to a better kid.

  7. Very cool,made my day,thanks Staples coaching staff. Go Dylan !!

  8. Shout out to all the Staples football staff , first class

  9. Dylan is a charmer in every way…along with the football team !!!!!

  10. Oh Thank God this piece is heartwarming piece about high school sports and some great kids! I thought it was going to be more senseless adulation of Bob Dylan!

  11. Anthony Palmer

    Makes you feel good,kudos to Staples coach’s, players and the Greenwich team . Way to go Dylan…

  12. Way to go, Dylan! Inspiring teamwork, Wreckers!

  13. Brings tears of joy to my heart. Thanks to all that made this happen.

  14. I absolutely love this story! Thank you for sharing it! Made my day!

  15. Dylan!!!!! Way to go!!!!! Staples Football Family…you are such an inspiration to what is important in life!! Miss you so much, Dylan.
    Paula Lacy

  16. great story way to go dylan

  17. Go Dylan! This is what high school sports are supposed to be about!

  18. Yes- saw! Full tears! Xo

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  19. high school at its absolute best. way to go dylan.

  20. Janette Kinnally

    So inspirational! I was moved to tears. What an impressive team of boys and coaches! Thank you for making a difference in a life! ❤️

  21. Awesome! Go Dylan and all of Staples Football Team!

  22. Tina Piccolino

    My son is so fortunate to call Dylan his teammate. It has been so inspirational to watch him cheer on these boys at every game with such love and affection over the years. Dylan is a big reason why this team is like a family. He helps to bring the boys all together. They boys truly have a loving admiration for him that is so very special.

  23. Dylan is the Captain of our Westport Winners Challenger baseball team and he named the team too! He is the happiest person I know, always smiling and so friendly. Everyone adores him. So happy for his amazing night. He has the best parents so it’s no wonder he turned out so great!!!

  24. These amazing coaches became Life-Coaches last night. Dylan cried tears of Joy for a long time last night. Thank you. I wish I could add all of the comments and sentiments our family has been moved by all day.

  25. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Wonderful! Life lessons all around and yes, everyone will remember this game for the rest of their lives. Congratulations to the whole team, parents, coaches, and Greenwich.

  26. Tina Piccolino

    I just learned it will be aired tonight on Channel 8 at 6 & 11 and on Channel 9 at 10PM.

  27. Trish Lawrence

    Awesome story! Everyone is a winner with this one!

  28. Perfect example of what makes this town great, the parents of Dylan and of all those kids involved should get a round of applause. Exactly the example of ground up making the world a better place.

  29. Congrats Dylan!!! I’ve watched you in action as your PE teacher, summer camp coach, and now as a fan watching you score a touchdown! Congrats bud! Well done by both teams and coaching staffs, there’s more to sports than offense and defense, and this nails that point home!

  30. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful I think this story is! A reminder of all that is good in this world…a family raising their child to be compassionate and caring (the quarterback) a school who knew how much this would mean to a student (the school, the team, coaches…even the opponents) I never cry and this one made me weep. Thank you to everyone involved and to Dylan, congratulations!!!!!!!!
    From a proud mom of an autistic son (also named Dylan:) THANK YOU! Just wish we were able to see it too!

  31. Just another reason that I am exceptionally proud and honored to be a part of this exceptional school! Congratulations to Coach Drew Smith and our 9th graders!

  32. Bravo SHS Football Wreckers. Proud to be SHS Football alum.

    Go Dylan!

  33. Go Dill ! Miss you down here at BMS
    Mr. Keeler

  34. Carmel Keaveney

    Congrats to Dylan and the Wreckers team; so proud of you all!! Dylan, you are awesome and we miss your smiling, happy face at Bedford Middle School. (Nurses office)