Vespa Is Very, Very Open!

I screwed up.

A reliable source told me yesterday evening that Vespa — the popular Italian and Mediterranean restaurant that has helped revitalize the National Hall neighborhood — was closed.

I called. I got a recording. It said the restaurant was closed Monday and Tuesday. But this was Wednesday.

I posted a story.

Vespa — I learned quickly — is quite open. I took down the story.

Vespa is warm and inviting. This view is toward the Post Road, where it meets Riverside Avenue.

Vespa is warm and inviting. This view is toward the Post Road, where it meets Riverside Avenue.

But damage had been done. Owner Bobby Werhane — one of the real good guys — fielded calls from guests who’d booked dinner and holiday events. He and his staff reassured everyone that they are indeed open for business.

My too-hasty post may have impacted not only all of Vespa’s many fans, but its over 40 employees.

So, to repeat: Vespa is alive and well.

Go there. Eat there.

Tell Bobby I sent you.

25 responses to “Vespa Is Very, Very Open!

  1. Please do eat there, and if you have the Focaccia which is like a celestial brioche, you may not ever want to have focaccia anywhere else again. While the fare is not low cost, every small plate is worth it. I was most dismayed to read the post this morning and sent it to a few people who often meet me there.

    Trust and verify, that’s the best you can do. A couple of phone calls and especially after such a heavy election calling week and one can understand the leap but the rumor mill is faster, and people read 06880.


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  2. Abbey Nayor MacDonell

    Thanks, Dan. Appreciate the prompt follow-up. We love Vespa and will continue dining there!! All good!

  3. We all have our Comey moments.

  4. Thought maybe another errant driver drove through the window….

  5. Vespa may be open but Art’s deli has closed and been replaced with Winfield Deli

    • WHAT, NO??????????

    • Dan Lasley (Laz)

      Oh No! We stop there every time we drive through 203. Winfield in Norwalk was good too, but no one piles it on like Art’s.

    • The original Art made the best sandwiches ever. (I never went to the re-opened Art’s — owned I think by his son — but only because I haven’t lived in town). I always try to reproduce his Italian subs at home minus the ham.

      Art’s Italian sub (as I remember it):

      •Italian roll (whatever the small oblong one is called in Italian. I’ve forgotten…).
      •olive oil & red wine vinegar (VERY important part.This was what made it Art’s).
      •a bit of black pepper
      •tomato – sliced
      •provolone – sliced
      •ham (I leave this out now)
      •mortadella – sliced thin
      •salame – sliced thin

      That’s it I think. It may have had prosciutto in it also… I can’t recall. (If anyone knows or thinks I remembered wrong — please tell me).

      I loved Art also. He was an elegant person. It was like having your sandwich made by some very taciturn sage-like nobleman who just happened to be the proprietor of a small CT Italian deli & grocery shop! He probably had a white horse nearby…

  6. Is Vespa open for lunch?

  7. Michael Calise

    I guess you forgot about the panhandle

  8. Seth Bienstock

    Thanks for quickly making the correction – it is a tremendous restaurant with great, welcoming staff…and we are fortunate to have it located in our town. Vespa has definitely upped the game on the overall dining scene in Westport!

  9. Joanne Kletecka

    Ok, I guess we can go here.

  10. Wow! Big mistake. I work in a restaurant and I know how hard that can be on employees. Rumors like that damage businesses and, in turn, those who work there. Those employees deserve the sincerest of apologies. As a former Staples student, I’m surprised and disappointed and the lack of care and research done before publishing an article like that.

    • Molly I have seen many posts on FB asking if Vespa was closed for over a week – so please don’t get on Dan’s back.

  11. Dan you need to stop doing this! This isn’t the first time you’ve gone on record to say a restaurant has closed when it hadn’t!! You obviously have no idea what it takes to open and run a small business!

    Please don’t delete this comment like you did my previous one!

    • I deleted your comment for the reason I gave in my email to you: You did not use your full, real name, and I did not have your alias on record to change it.

  12. Hi Dan I see you do list coming events. Can I list this event. It’s an event for Clothes to Kids of Fairfield County.

    Please advise.

    Livia Feig Cell: 917.602.3532


  13. Seems like a repeat pattern Dan. Maybe wait much longer to report on any closings because it does cause a lot of trouble.

  14. I didn’t know Vespa existed before this. Now that there is grilled calamari I will be there. So this might have been a good thing. What was the name before this?

  15. Maybe restaurants should answer their messages when media call. Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Both of George Zavoico’s (Staples ’70) kids work there on and off, so I stop in now and then – friendly place with tasty food. Sorry to hear about Art’s. Was ALWAYS a tough location. That leaves us with Gold’s from among the old-time Westport deli scene…

  16. I look at your mistake as a potential blessing as well. I’ve never tried this place, now it is on my radar and I will. To those who judge you harshly, they are, like me, perfect in every way and have never made a mistake. I, on the other hand, despite my perfection, can see my way clear to forgive others less perfect than myself 🙂

  17. To quote the great Phil Gambaccini (Staples ’70): “Sometimes I think it’s a curse to be born with open mind, such as I have; it means I have to put up with so much from those of lesser quality.”

  18. Katherine Bruan

    yes it is open and I told them Dan Woog sent me. they say thank you!