This Place Has Good Bones

Sure, cemeteries are called “boneyards.”

And yeah, last week was Halloween.

Still, it was kind of creepy to see this sight last week at the “Lower Greens Farms Colonial Burying Ground,” on the corner of Greens Farms Road and the Sherwood Island Connector.


Alert “06880” reader Heidi McGee and her son spotted it. She took the photo.

If you know what’s going on, click “Comments” below.

And if you’re in the medical field, please let us know exactly what kind of bone this is.

7 responses to “This Place Has Good Bones

  1. Dan, It’s a sorry excuse for a model of a femur (thigh-bone).

  2. Well I am not a paleontologist my brother Dan — but I did work in the NYC fashion industry for years & have an interest in style & hair inc. historic.

    Hence I recognise that this is clearly the hair ornament worn by none other than the adorable & fashion forward baby: Pebbles Flintstone.

    • Sorry — Mr.Brodie was right — it’s clearly a “MODEL” of the kind of hair ornament worn by Pebbles Flintstone. (Of course — given the difference in size. The one Pebbles wore came from a much smaller animal).

    • Joanne Joseph Luciano

      Our mother used to pull our hair up into that famous Pebbles style Zoe….not as cute and no bone was ever used!

  3. Jerry MacDaid

    It looks like a Nyala bone, that creature that was discovered on a nearby farm resulting in the name Nyala Farms Road. Google it. 🐶

  4. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    On the other hand, it could be a frosted Milk-bone for a Stegasaurus. Ya think?

  5. Kathleen Weiss

    A dog bone.