Not Registered To Vote? Do It Tuesday!

There is no early voting in Connecticut. And the deadline for voter registration has passed.

But if you have not yet registered, there’s still a chance to vote this year. And no, it’s not rigged. It’s completely legit.

Westport’s Democratic and Republican registrars of voters announce Election Day registration. It takes place this Tuesday (November 8), from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Town Hall auditorium.

Residents must appear in person, with proof of both identity and residence. A current Connecticut driver’s or non-driver’s license or learner’s permit satisfies both requirements.

ivotedstickerProof of identity examples include birth certificate, Social Security card, passport, college photo ID, and an out-of-state or Connecticut driver’s license without Westport address change.

Proof of residence (showing current Westport address) includes a lease, paycheck, bank statement, property tax bill, naturalization documents, current college registration/free statement, passport, or utility bill (due no later than 30 days after Election Day).

Questions? Call 203-341-1115, or click here.

(NOTE: Election Day registration takes a while. If your registration has not been processed by 8 p.m., you can’t vote. You’ve cut it close already — don’t blow this chance!)

23 responses to “Not Registered To Vote? Do It Tuesday!

  1. Dan,
    Would you know why early voting is not permitted in Connecticut?
    Just wondering.

  2. John Hartwell

    It’s in the state constitution. Absentee ballots are only allowed for specific reasons, such as being out of town the entire election day. We need a constitutional amendment to bring us into the 21st century.

    • & of course the elderly and/or people w/ disability can vote even if in town & at home or hospitalised etc.

    • Wasn’t there a vote on amending the State constitution on that during the last Presidential Election (or one before that?). With obviously most Connecticuters having voted *against*. Some people were against it because they thought it represented increasing laziness & apathy of (mostly younger) voters. They said that if people had respect for voting they could manage to leave work early or find someone to look after their children etc. in order to vote. (In case someone wants to start a cyber row w/ me I am officially offering this declaimer: I have both for & against thoughts on this & the above statements were made by others w/ whom I have no affiliation).

      • *Sorry… *DISclaimer*. If “declaimer” is actually a word — w/ my luck it probably means the exact opposite! (Looking it up now… ).

  3. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    The information I received here in Weston, is that if you are not already registered, you can register on Tuesday but you must be registered by 8 AM. That is the cut off and if you’re not in the system by 8 AM you cannot vote .

  4. Michael Calise

    We are in the 21st century! Every of age citizen has the right to vote. If they take the time to properly register and actually vote on election day or take out an absentee ballot and vote prior to election day they have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Seems pretty simple to me.

    • Absolutely agree with you Mike. Election Day is called Election Day for a reason. Early voting is ridiculous. Absentee ballots are the only the only early voting that should occur. Hogwash argument regarding the “21 Century nonsense!”

  5. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    Just to clarify for Weston and other towns including Westport, all across CT, there is same day voter registration on Election Day “almost all day”. It takes more time to get everyone fully registered in the system when you just show up on that day, so please get there early and be prepared to have enough time. If there is no line for this at your voting location then it should take approximately 20 minutes to get you registered and in the system. Then you get the ballot and get to vote for your choices.

    Therefore, you can show up as early as when the polls open at 8:00 am and as late as a half hour prior to the polls closing at 8:00 pm and usually still be able to complete the registration and vote. However, it is recommended that you don’t wait until 7:30 pm or later in case there is a line as each person takes about 20-30 minutes to register and put into the system, so if there is a line for EDR (election day registration) in your district there is a chance you won’t be in the system in time to be able to cast your vote. The poll workers doing EDR are usually the most experienced poll workers for each district so they will be doing their best to get everyone in the system in time, but if your registration isn’t fully loaded by 8:00 pm when the polls close you cannot vote even if you are inside the doors when they close the doors.

    If you have previously registered in CT, as long as you are inside the doors of your voting district before they close the polls at 8:00 pm you can still cast your votes that evening even if there is a line.

    So bottom line is give yourself enough time if you have to do EDR this year and expect there to be lines at most of the polls. Good luck and get everyone to exercise this right to vote which is a wonderful privilege for all citizens 18 and older in the USA.

  6. Dan,

    Is it correct that a CT driver license is sufficine proof?? This does not prove that you are a citizen, which as far as I know is a requirement to vote. If a CT license is sufficient thst leaves the system open for misuse!!

    • Great point. I don’t have the answer. Does anyone out there know?

      • You’re required to provide a social security number to obtain a CT driver’s license. Undocumented residents may obtain a “driver’s only” license, which has “Not for federal identification” written across the top.

  7. Beth Berkowitz

    Your Drive Only driver’s license will be valid from anywhere between 3 1/2 and 5 years, depending on a computer-generated system that randomly allocates validity terms.
    With this license, you have all the same driving privileges of other state residents. This license can’t be used by anyone to attempt to determine your citizenship status—you should drive freely throughout the state. Keep in mind that you must also carry current registration and car insurance for whatever vehicle you operate.
    However, this license is exactly as its name implies—it is a license for driving purposes only. It cannot be used for activities of any kind that require federal identification, such as voting, boarding an airplane, or other similar uses.

    Therefore only a full CT driver’s license can be used as ID for voting purposes. However, in order to vote once you are registered you can use other forms of ID when you get to the polls. A driver’s license is the easiest form of ID that most people almost always carry with them. If you have gotten through the registration process prior to Election Day they have already run you thru the system and vetted that you are a resident and a citizen.

    This is one of the reasons that it takes about 20-30 minutes to process each person for EDR as there are some checks that each registration has to go thru in order for them to hand you a ballot to vote. For example, If you were already registered before somewhere else in CT, it pops up on the computer data base and we have to call the other location to confirm that you haven’t already voted there and they have to check their lists for the day and confirm and call us back. Sometimes this takes a little longer depending on how busy that polling place is at the time.

    I hope this helps answer the question about citizenship proof.

  8. Here is the Westport League of Women Voters Voters Guide which pertains to Westport:
    You can check online usually with Secretary of State. PLEASE VOTE!

  9. Anyone can get a driver’s license. I would like to see proof of citizenship. Also, check for convicted felons.

  10. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    There is a difference between a driver’s license which you need proof of citizenship to obtain and a “drive only driver’s license.”

    You cannot use a drive only DL for identification purposes and you cannot use it for voting ID because it doesn’t show proof of citizenship.

    It is clear as it states right on it DRIVING ONLY so not a problem using it to vote fraudulently.

    Plus, if someone has already registered and is in the system they have been checked out on line to see if they pop up as ineligible or if they try to do EDR they get submitted into the system and it will bounce back with an error unless there is all the correct verification presented with their registration. There is a place where the worker putting in the persons info into the computer has to submit what kind of ID they presented and the number on the ID like a SSN, passport # or DL#, etc along with the second type of ID presented.

    It takes about 20-30 minutes to register each person unless it gets bounced back or flagged for some reason then it can take longer to try to sort out the issue of why they cannot be registered online immediately.

  11. Luisa Francoeur

    For Voter Registration information regarding Connecticut:

  12. Absolutely true!