Halloween House

Among the many Westport homes decorated and lit up for Halloween last night, this one on Juniper Road stood out.


(Photo/Peter Tulupman)

But there’s another reason — besides the striking, New York Mets-themed colors — that caught photographer Peter Tulupman’s eye.

He says there was a keg outside, for parents.


8 responses to “Halloween House

  1. Now you tell me!!!!

  2. Adrian Hinojos

    I met John, the owner of the house, while my kids were trick-or-treating on his street. He was a very gracious host and offered me a beer. He told me they moved from the city last summer so welcome to Westport John and thanks for the beer and candy.

  3. Fantastic. How did they do this? The colour is so uniform.

  4. Do Staples Players still do the Haunted House? I remember it maybe 25 years ago, when my kids were little. It was really well done, something they enjoyed.

    • Staples Players used to host those haunted houses as part of the Apple Festival. I believe they ended it in either 2000 or 2001.

  5. Pamela Nunziato

    My husband is a designer, can you tell? Glad you guys enjoyed the house – I’m sure it will be even better next year! And we still have plenty of beer left for anyone thirsty out there : )

    • I was going to ask if the person/people (= yourself) who moved in were set designers/stage designers/lighting designers: it’s so amazing! I’m still wondering how this was done in such a uniform way. Does he work in theatre/film/video or print/graphic or do you mean interior design?

      Btw: welcome to CT!

      • Pamela Nunziato

        Brand design – our company is littlebigbrands.com. We’re very happy to be here – couldn’t ask for a better neighborhood! I will ask my husband if he is willing to share his lighting secrets : )