Trick Or Treat!

Two hours ago — when the sun was shining and it was 75, not like now when it’s pouring rain and 10 degrees colder — this was the scene on Soundview Drive:


Just 24 hours from now the Compo Beach neighborhood will be overrun by ghosts, pirates, princesses, and little boys and girls wearing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks (a truly frightening thought).

The forecast is for clear skies, with temperatures in the 40s. Grab that candy, kids!

3 responses to “Trick Or Treat!

  1. Oh… so sweet… but did you repeat yourself: “pirates” > presidential candidates masks?

    I have to run out & buy some candy now…

  2. Having fun along the street car !

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  3. Trish Lawrence

    What a gorgeous day! Took our dogs down to the beach for a frolick and was delighted to see people swimming. Water is still warm. That storm blew in with a vengeance, but no one seemed to mind knowing it was the last of a summer like storm. Tonight is what I’ve always referred to as the kick off to the holiday season. Halloween is still a little magical (in a good way) down at the beach. Wishing all a festive evening and then before you know it we have the best holiday of all, Thanksgiving. Lots of awesome food. and no presents to buy or wrap haha