Because On A Beautiful Fall Day, It’s Important To Park As Close To The Nail Salon As Possible

An alert — and irate — “06880” reader writes:

Here is a photo I took in the Barnes & Noble parking lot.


No, that is  not a handicapped permit hanging from the Jeep’s rear view mirror — it’s just a parking permit for somewhere.

I saw the woman park there, in the middle of the busy entrance. She was about 35 years old. She walked over to the nail salon. There were plenty of spots a few rows down.

I watched appalled with my 2 boys in tow (10 and 5). I drove to a parking spot not far away. I got out of my car, walked over to hers and took the photo.

This was a teachable moment for my kids. I explained the difference between doing the right thing, and breaking the law for your own convenience!

35 responses to “Because On A Beautiful Fall Day, It’s Important To Park As Close To The Nail Salon As Possible

  1. Alert the police.

  2. It won’t be so convenient for her when her car gets rammed by someone entering the lot and not paying attention. I guess she was getting a pedi and could not walk so far with wet toes!

  3. i look at the picture and frankly I am not sure that most of these people are even aware of what they are doing. Not sure which is worse……not being aware or just not giving a damn

  4. Our town is full of very important people who have very selfish ideas unfortunately, but a lesson from the police could help, sure worth a try,

  5. It’s a private lot, so the Police cannot take enforcement action. Too bad.

  6. If you are looking for “teaching moments” your kids get one every day at every school, seeing the line of cars parked directly in front of “no parking” signs.

    I don’t see any “public shaming” posts on that, which is arguably more blatant, frequent and a safety hazard. How come the bad parking police aren’t posting photos of that? Since the town schools condone and reinforce that behavior as socially acceptable on community property, every day for our kids and parents, why is it a problem in a private business’ parking lot?

    Or what about the landscapers’ or delivery trucks parked in the roadway, often on blind corners or hills? No one posts pictures of them.

    Obviously there’s only so much room to park, only so much effort humans seem to make (or take), and not enough people care for the gov’t to enforce the rules.

    But just as obvious is that the whole public shaming thing is kinda weird – unless you are a psychologist or a fan of Sinclair Lewis, of course. – Chris Woods

  7. I would believe Dave Eason’s comment above. He’s a former cop.

    • Does this mean anyone can park in a designated handicap spot in a private commercial lot? I don’t think so.

      • Uh, no. It means the lot owner handles enforcement, rather than the police

        • How does a lot owner handle enforcement? Call the police? I think most “lot owners” don’t want to get involved. But the police can come to your private property if they think something criminal is going on. Isn’t parking in a handicap spot criminal if the driver has no handicap emblem?

  8. No Peter it does not. Enforceable laws regarding private lots include handicapped spots, reckless operation,dwi and evading responsibility…

  9. Joyce Barnhart

    I’d guess that enforcement for handicapped parking on private property has to do with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act and anyone can report a violation. All around town, the owners of various parking lots are not on the premises to call police, though I have heard of at least one owner of a lot in Norwalk who had a tow company “on retainer” who caused a lot of inconvenience for people who parked illegally.

  10. Try this idea: the Spot Squad app @SpotSquadNation

  11. so many men commented on this, i.e., Unless you have had to walk from salon to the car in today’s frigid temperatures without socks and shoes on (you can’t put anything on toes for 2 hours after a pedicure or all that time is for naught), you shouldn’t really say anything about this; it’s almost like men talking about what women should and shouldn’t do when giving birth.

    • You’re kidding, I hope.

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Susan, you are kidding, aren’t you? It’s not exactly like the parking brat had to walk through slush puddles in below freezing temperatures. Your response is the kind of thing that makes women look bad.

      • not kidding, albeit comparing it to giving birth was a stretch, i.e., if the day was as cold as today, what’s the harm and it make that person’s life a bit easier, and again, esp if it was as cold as today.

        • I guess they are “entitled” to park like that.

        • Jerry MacDaid

          Yeah, situational ethics is really cool. OK to steal food if hungry, ok to kill if feel threatened, ok to commit voter fraud if right person gets elected, and ok to park “wrong” if your feet might get cold.

          • ethics are always a little nebulous relative to situations, i.e., (if you read lewis henkins how nations behave, anomalies exist; but, inherent in anomaly, they don’t happen often ;-). And, sure, if someone is starving i’m ok with them ‘stealing’ food (you aren’t?) there is always more than enough. And, if someone strikes back at another person in self defense (this makes me think of the petit family), i’m good with that (I think everyone is). As for parking wrong so that it’s a quicker trek back to the car on a cold day to keep a pedicure from smudging, I bet in the course of your life you might do that once or twice yourself for whatever reason (or for no good reason ;-), and that’s ok too, nobody should hassle you for it.

            • So it is okay for another pedicure customer to park right next to the first woman, even further blocking access for the dozens of other drivers using the parking lot? If not, why not?

              • Dan; Welcome to the world of the post-modern leftist; there are no moral truths and you can do pretty much whatever you want, as long as you can justify your actions to yourself. As for someone stealing food if they are starving; it is a crime. Susan is OK with criminal behavior. Of course, the person from whom the food is being stolen may not be OK with it.

                • Thanks, Michael. I did not realize there was a political element to this.

                  • Joyce Barnhart

                    Dan, it seems that no matter what you post, your readers can find a political element. I think some people would see nefarious things in a picture of puppies and kittens. And imagine the conflict implicit in pictures of chimps and apes!

                    • Yes, and the entire world can’t wait for it to be over… Maybe by 2020 the election season will be/cost a fraction of what it is now and progress will begin.

                    • You’re right, Joyce. I should probably stick to photos of donkeys and elephants.

                • Michael, never thought of myself as a post modern leftist but more of a conservative libertarian (leftists aren’t fond of my political opinions at all, actually). And, everyone I know and like – conservatives, liberals and undecideds – would be ok with/have been ok with a person ‘stealing’ from them if that person really needed whatever they had stolen. I distinctly remember my grandmother emphasizing to me to be compassionate towards people who ‘take a little more’ even if you don’t know why they are assuming a privilege, including stealing, that you think they aren’t entitled to. I’ve rarely regretted doing so. (though that movie Dogville comes to mind on this very topic)

              • come on, obv if easy flow of traffic, room for emergency vehicles if necessary is blocked it’s not ok, but there is a very wide berth there where that 1 did in the photo. you know that before Hammurabi I think it was created the 1st laws society continued to maintain and progress, i.e., the laws are based on common sense and necessity not the other way around.

                • Sorry to keep commenting, but there really isn’t a wide berth. Anyone coming in the entrance (left in the photo) would have to veer into the exit lane to get around the entitled parker. It’s pretty narrow right in front of the nail salon.

  12. Janet Kinnally

    I did not realize we would get the responses we did for this post!!! So funny what some people say to justify breaking the law! 😂😀