Sweet New England

Today’s weather is a washout.

But it’s been a magnificent fall in Westport — with the kind of foliage that we (especially realtors) dream about.

Alert “06880” photographer Andrew Colabella captured this magnificent scene just 2 days ago:

(Photo/Andrew Colabella)

(Photo/Andrew Colabella)

Expats: Eat your hearts out!

19 responses to “Sweet New England

  1. so right!!!! living in switzerland, we never get these colors!! i think that a new england autumn is one of the things that i miss the most ! i love it when you post these pictures!! thanks!

  2. Great shot. It’s been a wonderful foliage experience up here in NH also. Love being in New England this time of year!

  3. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    Agreed, Dan. “Autumn” in Portland, Oregon lasts about eleven hours. Conversely, there’s nothing quite like standing on a promontory by the rocky Pacific coast to watch the fog roll in off the ocean swells and coddle the silent forests in blankets of gray. O Well.

  4. Ditto John Wandres.

  5. Jean Whitehead

    Do you know where that was taken? Thanks for the photo!

  6. Sandra Johnson

    OH, yes – I do miss the beautiful fall colors since I am now living in LA — However, will not miss the winter and the snow!!!

  7. Hanne Jeppesen

    I,m surprised at some of these answers.I live in Northern California and grew up in Denmark. We get fall colors in Denmark, and even here close to San Francisco we get some beautiful colors. Might not be as abundant as New England, but if you go up to the Sierra Foothills, which is known as the Gold Country you will see some of the same colors. One reason I would go with a group every Oct. for many years. Went to Lake Tahoe last week end and although it rained we could still see some of the fall foliage, most yellow.

    • Here on coastal B.C. we are treated to beautiful fall colours, but some years the experience can be fleeting due to heavy wind storms.
      John’s description above, though, is identical here… I adore the fog that forms near the ocean throughout the Pacific Northwest.

    • x Hanne Jeppesen

      Re. “most yellow”. (My mother is btw from the north of Germany). Other places that see autumn leaves turning colours mostly see yellow & if lucky a few orange tones. I was north of you in Oregon for almost a year & there in autumn when a few leaves turned those shades.

      This photo (orange leaves) is not an example of all the colours that happen here but not elsewhere that people refer to. They are referring to the mix of yellows & oranges & bright reds & fuschia/hot pink & dark scarlet & dark wine colours — which one doesn’t see elsewhere (at once).

      To see these colours one needs Sugar Maples (amongst other trees) and also hot Indian Summer Days coupled w/ suddenly turning cold nights. Those circumstances do not even occur here every year: hence the sad cries of ‘No leaves this year!’ when there ARE actually ‘leaves’ — just not freakishly bright pink ones surrounded by half a dozen other intensely bright colours.

      • Red and rust Japanese maples, yellow Coral maples and Dogwoods, pale pink, lavender, and lime hydrangeas, ivory fuchsia, and one last red rose are what I see outside my window today… so far, so good.
        Yes, the texture of a fading leaf and flower also reflects colour.

      • Hanne Jeppesen

        I know that when speaking of fall foliage it includes the full spectrum of yellow, orange, reds, wine colours etc. They do appear in Northern California since we have a variety of trees. Try to google Yosemite fall colors or fall foliage. The reason we mostly saw yellow in the part of Tahoe we were is because of the type of trees. Bcause it was raining we did not go hiking in the mountains, as we usually do, if we had we would have seen more variety. I did not mean to take anything away from New England’s reputation of fall foliage (the reason I read this blog is that I lived in Westport for 2 years and New York for 4), but the many years I have lived in California I have still been able to enjoy the variety of colors, especially when I get out in the country.

        • x Hanne Jeppesen

          πŸ™‚ That is very interesting. Thank You for describing this. It sounds beautiful! In Oregon in Autumn — as I said — everything just went *brown* (not even yellow or orange… I was being kind before in describing a few *yellow* leaves…). That was in the Willamette Valley though. I never saw the mountains in Autumn. It does require hot dry days & suddenly cold nights wherever it happens (& certain types of leaves). Oregon is indescribably beautiful though…

          Being born&raised in Connecticut I did not have any thoughts about you “taking away anything from New England”. I am the LAST person to have some romanticised concept of *New England*.

  8. John F. (J-period) Wandres

    And who remembers heaping up a huge pile of fallen leaves and diving into it; or, later on, the aroma of those leaves burning, the scent of autumn blown’ in the wind?
    J. again.

    • We rigged our rope swing (on a slight hill & on a high branch which increased the height & velocity) so that we could fling ourselves into the massive pile of leaves. That was a blast!

      Also I don’t know if anyone remembers when people burned leaves? I shall leave a story about *someone* getting caught in a ring of swirling burning leaves — until the Westport Fire Department came — to your imagination.

    • Sorry… re. my comment asking if anyone remembers burning leaves: clearly you remember people burning leaves… as you wrote that…

      Apparently my reading comprehension suffers after Midnight…

  9. Hanne Jeppesen

    I have already written a couple of comments regarding fall foliage, i.e. which part of the country gets it and where it is the most beautiful. Let me just say this having lived in several areas of the US, grew up in Denmark and have travelled widely both in the States and Europe, I do not like to compare nature, I don’t think you can, each area, country, state whatever has it’s own charm. The California coastline is spectacular, that does not mean I don’t think Compo Beach is not beautiful, and many coastlines in Denmark as well, although not as dramatic, since Denmark and New England is mostly flat.

    • πŸ™‚ I don’t think anyone took anything here (said by you or others) as saying one place is “more beautiful”! I didn’t… & everything is part of *nature* also — even NYC!

  10. I am “eating my heart out “. Oh those beautiful fall colors. Don’t see much of that here in Spring TX. 45 years in Westport Ct and 20 years growing up in Bergen County NJ gets one used to falls beauty. Miss it but not the snow that follows. Malcolm R Doak Sent from my iPhone