Surf’s Up!

The wind picked up today — and windsurfers kiteboarders headed to Compo.

Just another October 20 in Westport!






17 responses to “Surf’s Up!

  1. What a wonderful town! There’s something for everyone and the windsurfing looks amazing today. mmm

  2. Hi, it’s not windsurfing. It’s kiteboarding. Leigh

  3. FYI, Technically that is Kite Boarding, Windsurfing is the rig that has a sail sticking out of a surf board.

  4. Shows you what I know! I’ll change the story right now.

  5. Wow, nice shots Dan. Maybe you should be a photographer!

  6. Thanks! I wish they were mine. They were sent in by an alert reader who preferred to be anonymous!

  7. Would love to learn how to Kite Board. Does anyone in town teach lessons?

  8. Catherine Calise RTM D2

    Yes what a beautiful sight it is!! Kiteboarding & Windsurfing are both fantastic sports, great fun!! But enjoy the special beauty as you see it now because our Parks & Recreation Commission is determined to develop Compo Beach in phases and the next phase is a sidewalk right where you see everyone rigging up & enjoying that very sport. Instead of stepping right on the beach as they rig their gear they are going to have to cross a sidewalk – just like there is on East Beach & maneuver through any cross traffic on that sidewalk. That certainly would take away from the enjoyment of the whole experience, ruin the natural beauty of South Beach, not to mention inhibit the many other activities in “The Fast Lane” at Compo where all the action is.

  9. Does Parks and Rec not get it? Did they not get the message last year? Leave our beach alone…

    • Catherine Calise RTM D2

      Hi Dave! No, they do not get it!! I keep fighting for Compo – to leave the beach alone but they keep pushing forward with specific plans they have in mind. I have been to meeting upon meeting to save the natural beauty & use of Compo the way it is, they say they are listening but they definitely are NOT. If we as residents are not careful Compo is going to look like another Long Island beach with sidewalks & street lamps. Certainly not the Compo we know and love.

      • x Catherine Calise

        This is sad… Thank you for your efforts. (I’m in Fairfield now so uncounted in Westport preservation rows…).

        • Catherine Calise RTM D2

          Yes, sad it is. You are welcome Zoe! I will continue to fight to save Compo & our precious South Beach from being developed!

          • x Catherine Calise

            It’s a problem w/ *over design*.(Something that is now so prevalent I predict it will soon be one word — despite autocorrect is telling me it is two). I think some of us see the beach as wild open space & others see it as their built playground. (Like when people have an indoor type *room* — under the sky — surrounding their outdoor grille w/ the only thing missing the painting nailed on a tree like in a 1950s era cartoon).

  10. Or is it kitesurfing?