Fresh Air Photo Fun

Fresh Air Fund families don’t host kids for the glory. They sure don’t get paid.

The many Westport families — and others throughout the tri-state area — who welcome less-privileged boys and girls from New York City just want to share their blessings. They may also want to open their own children’s eyes to the bigger world.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to get a few kudos now and then.

The Schachter family of Westport got some the other day. They learned they’re winners of the Fresh Air Fund’s 2016 photo contest. Their shot — of their guest, 9-year-old Jonathan, baking a giant cookie with his host brother Aiden — was selected from hundreds of submissions.

Fresh Air Fund - baking cookie

It’s more proof — if any is needed — that hosting a youngster for a week can definitely be a “sweet” experience.

(Interested in hosting a Fresh Air child next summer? Click here, or call Nicole Johnston: 212-897-8953.)

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3 responses to “Fresh Air Photo Fun

  1. Future chef bakers Jonathan & Aiden — that is one GIANT cookie! Pretty amazing (as the bigger they are the harder it is to get the center to bake the same as the edges — not easy at all). I hope you had a great time on the CT shore! <3

  2. Sweet, indeed! These two will likely be life-long pals!
    (and, yes, creating a cookie like that isn’t easy — good job!)

  3. I recall having a Fresh Air girl from NYC years ago. She was terrified of our large Gordon Setter who liked her. Her terror was so deep I was afraid it ruined her 2 week stay. Then, in about a month after school started and she had been back in Harlem, her teacher called and said “all she could talk about was her Fresh Air vacation,” (and it was good)……….