A Compo Collection

It’s the end of September. Fall is finally here. With work, school, the kids, shorter days, what have you, it’s not as easy to get to the beach as just a few weeks ago.

So Dana McCorvie brings Compo Beach to you.

She now lives in New Canaan. But she grew up here, and never lost her love for the shore.

She’s as busy as the rest of us — she’s written a children’s book, is finishing a screenplay, and has another business that helps clients find answers and solutions by listening.

She’s also a very talented photographer.

Here are 3 great shots she took on a recent early autumn day.

Actually, they’re timeless.



Hover over or click on to enlarge. (Photos/Dana McCorvie)

Hover over or click on to enlarge. (Photos/Dana McCorvie)


6 responses to “A Compo Collection

  1. These are gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing them Dan!

  2. Wonderful photos…thank you. Compo beach was a very special place for me and for my family…and a big part of what I miss about Westport. Wonderful send off to the season!

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Really … really perfect!

    Missing my ‘ol Compo Beach.

    1st pic is my favorite.

    Thanks for posting these images Dan!

  4. Jonathan Maddock

    Nice Compolation, er, compilation of photos. Beautiful.
    I always loved surf-casting at Compo in the fall, and photo #1 brings it all back.

  5. Thank you for the surf casting photo, that could be a photo of my dad who stood in the water in that spot many mornings and evenings.
    It made my morning to see that and remember.
    I love every season at the beach….

  6. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    Between Compo Beach and Longshore Golf Course – Westport was a wonderful place to grow up. Thank you for the beautiful photos.