Welcome To Westport!

The Weston Road/Easton Road/Main Street rotary — the first real bit of Westport people see as they get off Merritt Parkway exit 42 — has been spruced up nicely.

Thanks, Tony Palmer, Dan and Maureen Aron, and an anonymous helper!

But — as an alert “06880” reader points out — the view a few yards south is not exactly welcoming.


The reader asks:

Do you know when when the Daybreak Nursery lot will be improved? The buildings are falling down, the weeds are overgrown, there is garbage in the driveway. It’s been this way for almost 2 years. What an eyesore. Do the owners have to at least maintain it in any way?


Meanwhile, drivers who get past that sight — and want a pumpkin latte at Starbucks, quinoa salad at Freshii or a new outfit at one of our 27,284 Main Street women’s clothing stores — are grossed out by this view of the Parker Harding dumpster:


That’s been an eyesore a lot longer than the Daybreak property.

It’s time — the “06880” reader says — for Westport to clean up its act.

Who wants to take charge?

10 responses to “Welcome To Westport!

  1. Dan,

    Well put. Hopefully someone get the message!!!

  2. After my 50th reunion 6 years ago, here’s what I wrote my classmates.

    Doug Fenton

  3. Dick Lowenstein

    A rotary it ain’t, though it’s what is needed (maybe even a double rotary). Call it what it is: an awkward intersection.

    • It has finally come to pass, on this 26th day of September, 2016, that I am in complete agreement with Dick Lowenstein – although I have to say “awkward intersection” is perhaps too kind. Without turning me into a Red Sox or Patriots fan, a nice New England rotary is sorely needed there

  4. Possibly this site could be the subject of a “blight” action under Westport’s’ “Blight Ordinance”. I instituted such an action for a house in our beach area and the outcome and process were, in my judgment, excellent and without rancor.
    Don Bergmann

  5. Just to be clear, although everyone thinks of the blight on the corner as the “Daybreak Nursery,” it was sold some time ago and is no longer the lovely “Daybreak” of years past.

  6. Chip Stephens - Staples 73

    To the dumpster located in Harder Parking Plaza by Starbucks. Someone should get a shot of the rats scurrying between that mess and the seawall. This is a local disgrace that both the town and the downtown merchant group need to take accountability for.

  7. So sad to see the Daybreak property looking like this. Thank heavens Evan Harding isn’t here to see it.

  8. Jonathan McClure

    Aren’t the merchants, and I’m sure a few shoppers as well, responsible for placing their garbage IN the dumpster? It is a mess and unsanitary, but I don’t think there is anyone to blame but ourselves. Unless, perhaps, someone is sneaking in from another town or city to deposit the filth. If you’re depositing garbage in the dumpster, make sure it goes in – there is usually a sliding door that needs to be opened first. If you miss, bend down and pick it up and try again. If you can’t or don’t want to bother opening it, take your garbage with you or find another proper receptacle for your garbage. Seems simple enough to me.

  9. First World problems.