Clinton And Trump Debate In Westport!

The 2016 presidential campaign is one of the most polarizing in American political history.

Whether you’re with her, him or none of the above, passions run high.

So when the League of Women Voters — a non-partisan organization — was searching for a safe space where Westporters could watch Monday’s debate, they chose the most (small-d) democratic place they could find: the Westport Library.

The event will be as welcoming as possible. It begins at 8 p.m. with light refreshments, courtesy of the Library Café and LWV.

Local author and former NBC and Fox News journalist/media critic Eric Burns will provide an introduction before the 9 p.m. debate. At 10:30, Burns will moderate a public discussion about what was heard (or not).

I’m not a betting man. But I have followed this presidential race/train wreck quite closely.

So I bet that if you go to the library on Monday, whatever you hear afterward will be a lot more insightful than much of what passes for the “debate” itself.


12 responses to “Clinton And Trump Debate In Westport!

  1. Anyone, with a half of a brain, would write in Dan Woog for President!!!

  2. Only if You have a half of brain … and if He win we would have national guards securing parking spaces in town .

  3. Margaret Lachat

    Any chance this gathering of after the debate might be taped? It would be wonderful to see for those of us not in the area at this time.

  4. Thank you. Kareen

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  5. Can’t wait! Hosting a “party” of sorts with a menu of “Cold Clinton Crudités”, “Skewered Trump Shrimp” and plenty of libations… Dress attire: Smart Casual Bernie-wear. Enjoy!

  6. Strongly agree with Margaret Lachat. A video of this session would be a treasure. And the presence of a camera might be a perhaps helpful, calming influence.

  7. Ann Marie Flynn

    Wonder where I,left my bike helmet and skating pads. Hope I don’t have to bring them for the after get-to-gether…..
    Should be an interesting gathering.

  8. Thanks for the suggestions to video tonight’s program! We are planning to livestream Eric Burns’ introductory remarks and the post-debate community discussion using Facebook Live, so you can follow the video live on The Westport Library’s Facebook page. Hope you can join us- either in person or virtually!

  9. The library may be the safest place in Westport, but–as the linked article notes–the LWV might want to get some WPD coverage like little Nantucket…