Friday Flashback #8

Back in the day — 1914, to be exact — Birchwood Country Club looked a bit different than today.

So, in fact, does the view from there — off South Sylvan — of Riverside Avenue.

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/courtesy of Seth Schachter)

(Photo/courtesy of Seth Schachter)

This photo — labeled simply “Bird’s Eye View From Country Club” — is best viewed much bigger. Click on or hover over to enlarge.

In the center, we see the back of what was then Staples High School. (Today, it’s the site of Saugatuck Elementary School). To its left is Assumption Church, built in 1900. In the far, far distance we see the white spire of Saugatuck Congregational Church (in its original location, further east on the Post Road).

But what’s that church on the far left?

Enjoy the view. And think about what passed for a “country club” 102 years ago.

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  1. Believe that the church it’s old it’s Original Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity this later merged with the Christ church and is now Christ and Holy Trinity Church now on Myrtle Avenue

    • I agree with the Chip and Rod. The only weird thing: did the church have a spire like that? If you look at our town seal the building which I take to be the same one has a tower but no pointy thing – to use a highly technical term.

      • I too agree with Chip Stephens except I thought (but am not positive) the Burr Road Episcopal Church was “Christ Church” which merged with “Holy Trinity” at Myrtle Ave.
        Either way, the Burr road church was demolished. I believe its site is now occupied by the former Assumption parochial grammar school.

  2. Yes. Chip is correct-Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

  3. Love this!

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  4. In an elevator of the Westport inn is an old map that labels Ludlow st as church st Is the church on the far left on ludlow?

  5. I believe the following might be helpful from the CHT Website, History:
    The origins of Christ & Holy Trinity Church and the Town of Westport, a farming community, date back to the period between 1831 and 1835. Consecrated on November 2, 1835, Christ Church stood on the northeast corner of Ludlow and the Post Road. After the completion of the railroad in 1848, the town grew and attracted “more worldly” people who wanted progressive changes in the church furnishings and forms of worship. In 1863, these people built another Episcopal church, the Memorial Church of the Holy Trinity at 75 Church Lane.

  6. Some research: According to Woody Klein’s book on Westport the church to the left in the picture is Christ Church on Burr Street, on land purchased by the Nash brothers in 1886, – the church was completed in 1885. Sixty years later the two Episcopal churches merged to become Christ and Holy Trinity in 1944. I’m guessing that the then-empty church on Burr St. (known then as Burr Avenue) may have later been used for storage or other uses by the Catholic church nearby. I have sent Dan a photograph I took of the church in its last days, in the late 1940s.

  7. Correction: 1868, not 1886

  8. Check out our church website which shows vintage aerial views (1934/1951/1965) with tags showing Christ Church on Burr Road. It was sold to Assumption, razed and the parochial school was partially built on the site. The parsonage still exists on Burr Road.

  9. In the staples high school picture there is a cupola which was the subject of a past post. Apparently no one could verify its existence, but there it is in the enlarged photo

  10. I agree with Mr. Weisz. Whatever church it was, it was on Church St. (now Ludlow)

  11. I love this blog, Dan!!