Housewives Alert!

A crew from the new ABC-TV series “American Housewife” begins shooting still and background shots at Longshore, Compo and other local sites tomorrow (Thursday).

Sounds like fun! After all, the hometown of the TV “housewife” is Westport.

Spoiler alert: The show was originally called “The 2nd Fattest Housewife in Westport.”

Of course, let’s welcome our Hollywood guests.

But ladies, if they ask you to be the star of a shot — maybe think twice.

3 responses to “Housewives Alert!

  1. Thanks, Dan, for your brilliant advice.

  2. and don’t forget to ask for Equity scale, at least !

  3. After reading about this idiotic sitcom concept in so many months ago in 06880, I was fairly certain the show already launched, bombed and was cancelled. To my surprise, the premiere episode is next month. My bet still is for a quick demise, especially without the “2nd Fattest…” title.