Most Confusing Intersection In Westport Just Got Worse

As if the Main Street/Weston Road/Easton Road clusterf–k is not bad enough, consider this:

Earlier today, state Department of Transportation workers replaced stop signs noting “4-way” with different ones.


(Photo/Larry Perlstein)

Let’s hope that drivers — after reading ads for the Emmanuel Country Fair and St. Paul Christian School, among others — won’t spend too much time figuring out that “All Way” is simply DOT-speak for the much simpler (and more commonly used) “4-way.”

On the upside, the new signs are larger. With reflectors up and down the posts.

18 responses to “Most Confusing Intersection In Westport Just Got Worse

  1. Don’t worry Dan, all the signs (traffic and charity ones) will soon be covered by the political ones. Personally I’m voting for Frank Underwood.

  2. To me the bigger issue there is that most drivers obey a phantom stop sign a few feet further up Weston Road heading towards that intersection, thereby backing traffic up through the Merritt exit intersection.

    • Valerie Smith-Malin

      That’s intentional. It’s a courtesy to the drivers who are stuck attempting to merge onto Weston Rd, northbound. More people did it when I first moved here 24 years ago, and the traffic moved faster and didn’t back up as far down Main St. because of it. I wish more people did it these days.

      • Sure, I know why, but it makes a big mess through the red light and often even up the exit ramp. Must be a better solution (maybe the circle people are referring to but not my expertise).

  3. I had no idea what “all way” meant until you just explained it. Thank you!

  4. I have absolutely no faith in westports rude drivers

  5. The town should consider transforming this intersection to a “round-about”. Even with stop signs it is dangerous.

  6. Actually I used to feel the same way until I realized that the DOT wants to save money by not having to make 3 way signs as well as 4 way signs 🙂

  7. The old and slightly dangerous intersection was really ok. You just had to know to turn left behind oncoming traffic. Dan, you nailed it, a clusterf–k indeed. It just seems like a giant mistake, growing worse by the day, without a plan to arrive at anything that will work. What is Connecticut DOT thinking??

  8. why not just change the rectangular sign below the octagon??

  9. In my view this is actually the safest intersection in Westport, because it scares the bejeebers out of anybody trying to get through it. Not always a bad thing from a safety standpoint. While a rotary might be smoother, and likely safe, it would probably require some rerouting or reconfiguring of the intersection, and we can see how well that’s going just a bit down the road at North Compo & Main St.

  10. Harris M. Falk

    The Federal Highway Administration issues the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Connecticut follows the Manual. The latest edition (2009) requires “ALL WAY” and prohibits numbered way plaques.

    • Boy that Federal Government sure is “bossy” isn’t it. Wonder how the “number of ways” issue got to the top of the priority list. Probably someone in the FHA has a relative in the “way sign” business

  11. Has there ever been a plan to reconfigure this intersection? Did the town or the state miss and opportunity to acquire property when the Daybreak property was for sale? Something needs to be done to make this intersection(s) safer and more efficient.

  12. All that intersection needs is a little patience and “politeness”…..ahhh but then those two charecteristics are not very common around these parts are they.

  13. The bigger issue, in my view, was that they also installed “All Way” signs for those heading South/West on Easton Rd/Main St. and those heading North from Main St to Weston Rd even though the oncoming traffic (heading North/East on Main St and South on Weston Rd, respectively) do not have stop signs. Would be surprised if it didn’t cause some accidents. Thank goodness they finally fixed that by putting up new signs last night (“Oncoming traffic does not stop” or something like that).