Here Comes Hermine!

Right now, Hurricane Hermine* will probably bring tidal surges and wind — but no rain — to Westport.

Earlier today — with the sky clear and the wind light — Giles Goodburn and Simon Hughes prepared for the storm by training for a triathlon at Compo Beach. Hopefully the sand and shore will look like that later this week.

(Photo/Irene Penny)

(Photo/Irene Penny)

*What kind of name is that? It sounds like one of the winter storms the Weather Channel dreamed up.

8 responses to “Here Comes Hermine!

  1. Somewhat annoying the way the media is pronouncing this name. It has three syllables, and it is not HER-mine or HER-meen.

  2. Actually the National Hurricane Center produces the list of names and the World Meteorological Organization reviews it and finalizes it each year.

  3. Pronunciation per the National Hurricane Center is: her-MEEN

    Pretty much how I’ve heard it pronounce on the news. Two syllables. Apparently the feminine form of Herman.

    • I stand corrected, that’s pretty official.

      I wonder what language? That isn’t the German. The French drops the h, doesn’t it?.

    • Hermine is the feminine form of Herman, and is derived from German. The meaning is “army man” (soldier). Hermine is accented on the second syllable. It’s a very fine name.

  4. did it come from Harry Potter books?

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    So, I gather no rip tide warnings happening for the CT coastal areas just yet?

    The MSM was making such a big deal about that for days (for oceanfront), so I just assumed the Sound was also affected.

  6. Dave Feliciano

    The naming of tropical storms is silly. So is the removing of Pluto as a planet, Don’t we have more important this in mind such elections, SORRY.
    So how about that Hadron Collider?….