Let There Be Lights!

Bedford Square streetlights

The Bedford Square project continues.

And the renaissance of downtown takes another big step forward.

6 responses to “Let There Be Lights!

  1. Is it me or is anyone else out there shocked by the massive structure that is being erected in,what is now,Bedford Square. And all done in the name of “downtown renaissance”?
    I was not diligent at the time of this proposal, so do not question anyone else’s ignorance. But, our elected officials, their “committees”…really?
    We all need to keep our eye on Saugatuck development proposals. And that means all of us!

  2. x Q

  3. Pat, the charm and character of our beloved town is eroding right before our eyes. It’s being replaced with four story structures and mini mall type plazas. All of this stemming from people who say they ‘care’ about the community. Don’t blink! it will all be gone soon. Enjoy your cup of coffee at the Urban Outfitter cafe’.

  4. I know I’m going to hate it. Who cared about thedestruction of the Old Town? mmm. PS The Gunn house sits on its plot most uncomfortably.

  5. Just add goofy, distracting banners and boring crackerville plants to those lights and you’ll think you’re in Fairfield. Or any other town anywhere that followed this tired formula. I understand the shiny bricks were inspired by the food court at the Stamford Mall. Now I’m hungry. Darn it.

  6. Maybe I am nuts, but I love the New Bedford Square. I think it is going to invigorate all of downtown. I am impressed with the attention to detail shown by the architect and builders. As a person living in Saugatuck, I look forward to a similar exciting project in the next phase of our renewal project similar to the beautiful Gault project.