Take The Boat To The Train…

(Photo/Bob Mitchell)

(Photo/Bob Mitchell)

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  1. Kathi Sherman

    Does it have a parking permit sticker?

  2. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Thanks. I’m coming into Westport next month and was wondering if there was a day lot that I could use to take the train in to NYC. Thanks to the boat (owner) I think I have my answer.

    • Fred Roberts

      Also, spots at both stations are free in all of the railroad lots 3pm to 7am every day as well as all weekend. There is never a shortage of parking during off hours and the price is right! The only thing is, I think the hourly spots are always enforced.

      • Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

        And thank you for additional clarification and thanks to Dan’s…06880, Where Westport Meets the World in deed, or where former Westporters , like myself, can catch up on what’s happening.

  3. Kids and I saw this today, and wondered where they put the $5 bill (or two $5 bills since they took two spaces)!

  4. Jerry MacDaid

    I’m not sure but $5/day sounds reasonably cheap for boat storage. Of course, the parking lot isn’t exactly secure since pretty much anyone could come along, hitch it up and drive off with it unless it had a boot-like lock on it.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    This boat trailer is too long for regular car spaces, and it’s sticking out.

    Not the safest spot to leave one’s boat either.

    Maybe they tried to shorten the protrusion a bit by attempting the slight … ahem … angle?

    (My hubby and I trailered a boat that was probably pretty close to the size shown here, and it definitely needed to be in the extended size lots at the boat ramps).

    Seems like a parking violation of some sort here, but not sure what you’d call it. Excessive length infraction, lol?

  6. Late today Selectman Marpe announced Westport’s innovative new rail hub affordable housing program. Each house boat gives the town points towards 8-30g and is, of course, fully complaint with projected sea level rise over the next 50 years.

  7. Robert Mitchell

    Still there this morning.

  8. Right front tire/wheel is way wonkie! That’s not going ANYWHERE until that’s fixed.

  9. Sharon Paulsen

    Anyone know what they do with abandoned boats?

    Maybe it could go to charity somehow, if not claimed?

    Just curious.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      I didn’t notice how poor the condition was until I embiggened the pic, but it looks like it was abandoned for a reason…. The majority of a boat’s price/value is in the engine. If the hull appears poor, we can guess the engine isn’t much better. (We can’t even PAY the local mechanics to work on our boat, they’ve got so much business right now, so I’m guessing it’ll be even harder to get someone to donate time and materials to repair it.) When we had a condo in East Norwalk, the foundation was collapsing and the board found that the builder had used some old boat hulls as fillers under the slabs. At least this won’t end up like that, but I’m guessing it’ll go to a junkyard.

  10. Uwe Schreiner

    I have some info on this. Yesterday around 6:45pm I was returning from work on I-95 South. Just north of Exit 17 a full size red pick-up truck with NY state license plates had just pulled over into the breakdown lane because its boat trailer had blown one or more tires on the right hand side. I passed the truck with the trailer and exited the highway at Exit 17. I was waiting at the off-ramp traffic light to turn left onto Saugatuck Ave / towards Westport when the truck with the boat trailer passed me on the right and turned right onto Saugatuck Ave towards the commuter parking lots. I remember noting how dilapidated the boat looked and I assumed that they had pulled off because they were looking for a way to repair the tires.

  11. FOUND IT! It’s sitting at the Shell Station, 1530 Post Road East, on corner of Maple. Saw it while having emissions checked. Seems perfectly happy there. FYI!